Senior Technical Community Manager

Sesame – Engineering
Full Time
Senior Technical Community Manager

This role serves two major goals:
- Build a vibrant community of internal engineers who are excited about engaging with the external community of customers.
- Engage the larger technical community to encourage feedback on and contributions to the various products that ITRenew creates.

In order to accomplish these goals, you’ll be expected to:
- Establish DevRel practices internally by influencing other teams like Product Management and Engineering.
- Create programs encouraging community involvement from internal developers.
- Research appropriate external communities, including online forums as well as offline events, that could benefit from ITRenew’s presence.
- Nurture the existing open source communities that ITRenew supports through content and various community engagement channels.
- Grow the Sesame community by creating awareness for their various products in the broader developer community.
- Constantly be looking to grow and discover new ways to better serve the Sesame developer communities, both internally and externally.

You’ll report directly to our Senior Vice President of Engineering and work closely with the Product Management, Marketing, Operations, and Engineering teams to foster a strong contingent of internal engineers to share content, give talks, and implement feedback from the community.

Position Prerequisites

    • Minimum 7 years of industry experience; Bachelor’s degree in computing or adjacent degree or equivalent experience is a plus.
    • 4+ years of experience in Developer Relations or Technical Community Management; experience in one or more of the specific communities listed below is a plus.
    • Experience building and leading technical communities, as well as proving the value of these relationships to the rest of the company.
    • Desire to amplify and encourage the open-source and community-related work of internal developers as well as external community members.
    • Strong technical communication and writing skills.
    • Self-motivated team player, capable of setting goals and seeing your projects through to completion without much assistance or coaching.
    • Track record of teaching and mentoring junior staff and/or community members.
    • Energized by teamwork and collaboration, understanding that they are keys to success.
    • Recognize processes & procedures as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    • We understand that your background and experience matter more than location, and while our main offices are based in the Bay Area and Paris, this position is open to anyone located in Europe or North America. Experience in remote work with a global team is a plus. This role will entail between 25% and 35% travel.

Sesame/ITRenew Communities

    • Open Compute Project (OCP), scale-out computing, infrastructure, and DevOps (Kubernetes, cloud computing, SRE), hobbyist, open hardware (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, maker/builder), and circular economy (sustainability, green computing).

Technical Environment

    • Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Go, Python, Postgre, Apache, VMware, REST APIs, open networking hardware & software, distributed computing, cloud computing, open hardware.
About ITRenew
ITRenew is an innovative computer systems company dedicated to providing data center owners and operators with efficient and secure rack-level hardware solutions for their toughest workloads, as well as decommissioning, destruction, and remanufacturing services. The company has two decades of experience and operations in more than a dozen facilities worldwide. We work in close collaboration with many of the largest public technology companies in the world to fully integrate with their data center operations and provide best-in-class solutions for an array of hardware and sustainability needs. As data usage continues to grow exponentially around the world, ITRenew is positioned to play an increasingly important role in the global Internet infrastructure and ecosystem.
Working closely with hyperscale service providers, ITRenew is evolving the global data center ecosystem to unlock its true lifetime value. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are a team of engineers and operators dedicated to seeking out the full potential of data center hardware everywhere -- maximizing financial return for our clients, enhancing environmental sustainability for the industry, and enabling new market opportunities around the world.
Circular data centers redefine the lifetime value of data center hardware by integrating analysis of primary and secondary market uses into a single framework. The benefits are truly transformative. The redeployment and reuse pathways create unprecedented financial returns for our clients and open economic growth and new market opportunities that are otherwise blocked. Because these pathways extend the hardware lifecycle by multiple years, the model also maximizes sustainability for the entire industry.
Cloud/Data Center performance and growth demands have never been higher, and constraints have never been tighter. With Sesame, we can meet the full range of performance demands for a variety of workloads. Built using the most powerful hyperscale hardware, Sesame is the world's first fully recertified, high-performance line of compute and storage solutions.