Professional Development Content Writer (K-12 Education)

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Who are we looking for?
Are you a U.S. Licensed Educator? 
Do you have knowledge that other educators would find beneficial?
Are you interested in sharing your knowledge in an asynchronous prerecorded workshop?
If you answered "yes" to all of the questions above, we want to pay you for your expertise!

Who are we?
Clerisy, meaning “a class of educated people,” prepares gifted Educators to actualize their full potential through immersive, professional development workshops based on research and current educational pedagogy. Clerisy cultivates a community of school districts and Educators contributing to the education ecosystem through a world-class PD platform for Educators, by Educators. 
Clerisy is powered by iTutor, a leader in online education bringing instructional solutions to school districts and college access programs nationwide. To learn about Educator entrepreneurship opportunities with iTutor or about its Accredited Digital Learning Institute, visit

Opportunities Include:
Clerisy is looking for Educators to share their educational expertise with teachers across the country in a variety of ways. All Opportunities are remote, have flexible timelines, and are scheduled based on your availability. These opportunities are a great way for Educators to expand their resumes and develop leadership skills in an entrepreneurial relationship with Clerisy.

- Ideate, write and record Professional Development Workshops. These workshops will be available on Clerisy’s PD Platform highlighting YOU as the content creator. 
- Share your thoughts on educational topics, current events, and philosophies through Blogs hosted on Clerisy’s website and learning platform.
- Introduce yourself and promote your workshop by becoming an Ambassador to share Clerisy’s impact with others through engaging Social Media Posts.

Content Creator Responsibilities

    • Stay current with educational trends and instructional practices. 
    • Submit professional development proposal(s) based on Educational research in alignment with a proposal rubric.
    • Develop one-hour workshop(s) through the submission of a script, assessments and corresponding presentation. 
    • Implement edits based on feedback after collaboration with a Clerisy PD Specialist. 
    • Complete voice-over(s) presenting the final workshop.  
    • Create assessment tools to evaluate the efficacy of the workshop.
    • Opportunity to host your workshop live to schools when requested. 


    • $300 per completed workshop
    • $75 per Blog
    • $10 per Social Media Post


    • United States Licensed (certified) Educator 
    • Experience with Google Suite (G-Suite)
    • Ability to work collaboratively, and work effectively as part of a team
    • Strong organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines