Senior Android Developer

New York, NY
R&D – Spire
Q1 - What is the job title for this role?
Senior Android Developer

Q2 - What is the job title for the manager of this role?
Engineering Manager

Q3 - What location(s) are we open to hiring this role in?
• Cambridge, MA
• New York, NY
• Los Angeles, CA
• Berlin, Germany

Q4 - What would you consider the charter of this role (why is this role important to the organization)?
As a senior software engineer on the Spire team, this role will lead feature development, help architect the Spire ecosystem, drive improvements in our development process, and help determine where technology investments are needed. In addition, as the senior most engineer with a background in Android development, this role will be responsible for the health and architecture of the Spire app for Android, making sure we are using the right technologies and following best practices for Android development.

Q5 - What are the primary activities that this person will do on a frequent basis (takes up more than 50% of their time or is the sole provider of this activity)?
• Collaborate with the software and hardware development teams to design systems, implement new features, and fix bugs in the Spire ecosystem.
• Lead technical breakdowns and feature estimation of new features with a group of engineers.
• Lead the Android application architecture and keep up to date with latest Android/Kotlin best practices and promote them within the Spire team.
• Work with our product management and design team to understand our users and product goals.
• Maintain a high quality product through writing clean, clear code and high participation in code reviews.

Q6 - How seasoned does this person need to be to accomplish those primary activities?
5+ years of experience

Q7 - What are the elements that you would consider as nice-to-have's for this role?
• In depth knowledge of iOS, Swift, C++, Python, and/or web technologies
• Experience in a continuous delivery environment
• Experience with connected/smart devices

Q9 - How often does this person truly work independently, potentially with a lot of ambiguity?

Q10 - What departments will this person be working with on a regular basis? 
Product Management

Q11 - Generally, how would you describe the decision making of this role? 
• Final Decision Maker Regarding Strategy
• Provides Input on Department-level Activities
• Provides Subject-Matter Expertise to Final Decision Maker
• Provides Input from Day-to-Day Experience

Q12 - Does this person manage or lead anyone?

Q13 - What does success look like for this role?
A successful candidate will work closely with other senior engineers on the Spire ecosystem to design and implement robust and scalable solutions across all platforms. They will use this knowledge of our larger system architecture to lead the development of the Android application to be "best in class". They will also contribute to other platforms of the Spire application on iOS and Spire Studio devices as appropriate to meet our product goals. Finally, they will contribute to tools, processes, and team culture as we aim to continuously deliver value to our customers.
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