Senior DSP Engineer - Remote US

Remote, US
Algorithms, Data Science and DSP – DSP
As a Senior DSP Engineer at Jawbone Health, you will be responsible for developing bio-signal processing algorithms for low power and low bandwidth wearable sensors and cloud-based systems.

This position can be a work from home position from any US Location.

Essential functions:
* Research and develop algorithms to extract meaningful biomedical signals from raw sensor signals.
* Port said algorithms onto target system(s): low-power resource-limited embedded and/or cloud-based software.
* Solve firmware engineering problems related to signal processing on the embedded system.
* Optimize algorithms for various performance goals including accuracy, memory use, and power consumption.
* Assist the Product Design team in selection and validation of sensors and embedded computing resources.
* Collaborate with Q/A and Clinical Testing teams on data collection methodology and protocols.
* Develop solutions to optimize, test, and validate algorithms on large sets of collected data.

* Extensive knowledge and experience in Digital Signal Processing.
* Linear filtering and frequency analysis: FIR, IIR, DFT, wavelets, etc.
* Properties of discrete-time signals: Z-transform, aliasing, etc.
* Adaptive filtering: LMS, Wiener, Kalman filters, etc.
* Real-time handling and processing of data: buffering, latency, jitter, etc.
* Knowledge of signal and noise statistics.
* Excellent software writing skills.
* Solid understanding of embedded systems firmware and hardware environments.

Required skills and experience:

    • 3+ years of experience in DSP algorithm design and implementation for embedded systems.
    •  Extensive experience developing algorithms in Matlab (preferably) or Python.
    •  Solid experience in embedded C programming.
    •  Fixed-point arithmetic.
    • Good written and verbal communication skills.
    • Patient, creative, and analytical mindset.
    • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or a related applied science field.

The following additional skills and experience are a plus:

    • Data Science and Machine Learning.
    • Both Matlab and Python programming.
    • Embedded assembly programming.
    • Experience with various data compression techniques.
    • IC data sheets, inter-chip communication protocols (I2C, I2S), PCB design, mixed-signal circuit design.
    • Programming within an RTOS environment.
    • Software build automation: Bash and Make files.
    • Source control: Git.