Senior Bluetooth Software Engineer

San Francisco
Device Software Engineering – Device Software Engineering

The Jawbone Health device team is looking for an accomplished and enthusiastic Bluetooth software engineer to own Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) centric connectivity technology across both device firmware and mobile app (iOS, Android). In this role, you will have an opportunity to envision, develop and implement the BTLE solution stack (tools, code and hardware) for complex products. You will define and implement proprietary data protocols, evaluate new BTLE chips and SDKs, bring them up and integrate into our device systems. You will drive conversations across development teams for optimal connectivity architecture, and partition a complicated data exchange protocol across device and mobile stack to accomplish reliable, scalable, and efficient performance. You will implement Bluetooth drivers, connectivity libraries, and related applications inside devices and mobile platforms to deliver a complete end-to-end feature. On top of that, you will demonstrate your understanding of the constraints of the IoT world, by optimizing power consumption and fitting all of the above solutions into a tight memory footprint from the design phase.

As a domain knowledge expert, you will be the authoritative person for all things Bluetooth, including but not limited to driving low energy connectivity architectural solutions, delivering on those solutions, and resolving  Bluetooth connectivity issues in current and future products. We know issues can be challenging and “magical”, and can be in either the device or in the mobile app, which is why we will need you to be good at using tools like sniffers and be fluent in building critical logs on both devices and mobile apps to confidently and efficiently optimize systems and decode problems. 

In addition to having Bluetooth expertise, from time to time you may be required to be generically available to work on other embedded software areas.

To be successful, you must be data driven, be able to communicate effectively cross-functionally,  and consistently deliver high quality coding, robust test plans, and appropriate levels of supporting documentation. 

Required Qualifications

    • 3+ years Bluetooth related experience in developing drivers, stacks, connectivity and data protocol software. Familiar with BTLE specifications (HCI and above), application interfaces, and use cases. 
    • Capable of capturing and analyzing air-traces. Very strong debug capability in solving complex connectivity issues.
    • 5+ years experience working on real-time embedded software. Understand embedded system constraints. Capable of methodically designing and developing high quality code within the constraints.
    • Familiar with ARM MCU, bootloader, one or more typical RTOS’es, JTAG, one or more digital bus protocols (I2C, SPI, UART, USB), C language.
    • BS in CE or EE.

Preferred Qualifications

    • 1+ years experience in developing iOS and/or Android mobile software, preferred in Bluetooth related areas.
    • Experience in designing Bluetooth SoC architecture in multiple a MCU system.
    • Understanding of emerging new Bluetooth standards and technologies, ie, Bluetooth Mesh, is a strong plus.
    • Solid working knowledge with one or more non-Bluetooth related embedded areas, ie, battery power management, flash storage, file systems, sensors, displays, UI, system usage profiling, and algorithm implementation.
    • Python scripting experience.
    • MS degree.