Head of Growth

New York
Sales & Marketing


Jetty is looking for a growth strategist to join our team and help ideate, strategize and run growth marketing projects. The ideal candidate has a knack for getting to the core of how systems fundamentally work in order to find creative opportunities to hack 'em. You're a rule-bender, not an in-the-box thinker, and would like to use that mindset to find ways to beat the system.

Rather than running and scaling traditional paid acquisition channels, you’ll be coming up with new ideas which span paid and unpaid and bringing them to life. You might hypothesize that a chatbot is a means to lowering acquisition costs; you’d then be responsible for identifying the appropriate partners, managing the development and pushing the project live. Perhaps you have an idea for a mini digital product or applet which you think could drive engagement and earn leads? It'd be your job to design it, spec it and manage the team around building it. Or maybe it's something crazy you'd do in the offline world, guerrilla marketing style, which you think will help garner attention, earned media and eventually conversion. Run with it!

In-house marketing experience is a plus but, more importantly, you are curious about the economics of the (digital) world and how to use that understanding to grow Jetty.

Roles & Responsibilities

    • Develop out-of-the box growth strategies across paid and unpaid channels (e.g., developing lightweight software products, running offline campaigns or finding clever ways to crawl the web for leads)
    • Validate growth strategy through rigorous testing and analysis
    • Support Head of Marketing with testing for paid acquisition programs
    • Support Product & Engineering with A/B testing of core product flows, with an aim to improve conversion and retention
    • Project-manage all aspects of new strategies and bring them to life, from idea to implementation

Prior Experience & Professional Qualities

    • Prior experience growing revenue and leading the search for product-market fit at an early-stage startup
    • Intense curiosity about the economics and incentives of the digital world
    • A love of data, a deeply analytical mind and a strong 'reasoned' thinker
    • An entrepreneurial mentality; self-starter; 'move fast and break things' mindset
    • Familiarity with major online paid channels and analytics platforms
    • Good taste, a flair for design and strong creative instincts
    • Recognition of the importance of fun and humor in creating a superlative working environment

About Jetty

The insurance industry is in dire need of a rethink, having failed customers across every dimension that matters to the modern consumer: products that meet critical needs, experiences that are customer-centric, design-focused and technology-enabled, and general business practices that are transparent and fair. Jetty will change that.

The DNA of the Company is rooted in cutting-edge technology and a belief in the transformative power of good design. Everything we do is conceived of through these two lenses.

Oh, and while you can be forgiven if the word 'insurance' doesn't initially evoke visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, we can't help but feel there's something exciting about the chance to create an iconic consumer brand and give a 21st-century facelift to a 500-year-old, 500-billion-dollar industry whose products pretty much everyone buys.