Junior Technical Product Manager

Berlin /
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Full Time
👐 About Us

Jina AI is a neural search company.

Our mission is to provide an open-source neural search ecosystem for businesses and developers, allowing everyone to search for information in all kinds of data with high availability and scalability. Found in 2020 Feb., Jina AI has been recognized as one of the most promising startups in AI open-source software.

✨Who we want?

- Be passionate about open source, AI and search;
- Work with strong craftsmanship and ownership;
- Be efficient and responsible on problem solving;
- Play along with colleagues and open source community;
- Speak and write good English.

💼 About This Position

As a Junior Technical Product Manager, your primary responsibility is focusing on daily sprint activities and supporting the development of tech specs based on feature request (user stories).


    • Build-up deep understanding of the tech stack and developer process used within for the Jina product suite
    • Assist in building and expanding Jina’s product vision
    • Help translate functionality into technical requirements and acceptance criteria
    • Manage daily product developer process , sprint , release and roadmap planning, making sure it aligns with higher level Product vision and strategy
    • Ensure the smooth collaboration with the engineering team and communicate any challenges to meet technical and strategic goals
    • Continuously update leadership team on current sprint status and planning cycle

Required Qualifications

    • Bachelor or Master in Computer Science or related degree
    • Machine Learning background
    • 1-2 years of experience in software development
    • Worked in Scrum team with sprints before with basic understanding of agile software development lifecycle
    • Initial experience with methods and tools used within Product development; e.g. user experience/ stories mapping, product roadmap building & PM tools
    • Strategic thinker, self-driven, with excellent prioritization and organization skills, ability to make difficult trade-off decisions
    • Stellar collaboration skills and ability to influence teams without power
    • Strong (technical) communication skills, ability to write crisp and clear tech. Specs. and explain key functionalities to developers & designers 
    • Interested in AI, search and of course Open Source
    • Aspiration to grown into a the technical feature PM 

Benefits & Perks

    • Competitive salary
    • Equity in one of the fastest growing AI open-source startup in the world
    • Extensive development opportunities and an international team of experts
    • Free snacks & drinks, Flexible working time, home office options

😊 Benefits & Perks

💵 Competitive salary
📈 Equity in one of the fastest growing AI open-source startup in the world
🌎 Multi-cultural & diverse & happy team
🦄 Extensive development opportunities and an international team of experts
⛱️ Free snacks & drinks, flexible working time, home office options

💡 General Interview Hints

We are fully committed to open-source. Check out https://opensource.jina.ai where you can view all our code, commits, issues, PRs publicly. Hence, when we conduct the interview, we do expect you to have a certain understanding about our products, tech stack and vision.

For the Engineering Role: a Good Pull Request = a Good Cover Letter

Every tech interview involves some kind of code screening. We do it differently at Jina AI. Since we are completely open-source, it is a good way to evaluate your engineering skills based on your first Pull Request to Jina.

If you apply for one of our engineering roles, you can pick one project (JinaDashboardExamples) and work on one bug or new feature. Submit your work via pull request and pass the CICD. Then we will review it.

Note that not only the code, but also the coding style, documentations, commit style, affect our evaluation.

Product and Evangelist Role: Tell us about your understanding

We would like to hear from you about the feedback when using our products. Like really using it, not just looking at our screenshot or documentations. Following the PyPI install instruction or using Docker, either way you need to run the system by yourself. This is the basic requirement for our product related roles.

After playing with our products. We’d like to hear your feedback. What’s your view? What are the good and bad features? How can things be improved? What minimum resources (time & HR) do you need to get this done?
The more you can tell us, the more understanding we have about your skill set.