Senior Software Engineer -- Low-Latency Systems

Engineering /
What we're looking for
Jito Labs is seeking a senior engineer to build the future of MEV and block building on Solana. We are looking for a creative and motivated engineer that can effectively wrangle problems with large design spaces and come up with simple and elegant solutions. The role is extremely dynamic and a place where low-level problem solvers will thrive.


    • Dive deep into the world of MEV and on-chain trading, understanding the end-to-end flow of transactions through the Solana network
    • Collaborate with the team and customers to build higher performance, cutting edge features
    • Drive features from inception to completion: architecture, implementation, instrumentation, testing, deployment, and monitoring
    • Comfortably deep dive into performance bottlenecks and debug problems across the entire stack


    • 5+ years of systems programming experience writing code in Rust, C, or C++
    • Familiar with low latency, high performance and high reliability programming
    • Experience shipping software and pushing to prod on a daily basis
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
    • Glass-chewer: comfortable and excited to dive into tricky problems and using tools like valgrind and gdb to debug software problems
    • Ability to balance the engineering-time tradeoff between perfect and good enough
    • Worked at a <50 person startup
    • Have an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to understand the relationship between business and engineering

Nice to have

    • Familiar with running blockchain infrastructure
    • Experience building or running MEV bots or trading bots on EVM, SVM, or CEXs
    • HFT experience


    • $200-$240k (approximate) and multiple forms of equity
    • Generous healthcare package & 401k benefits
    • All-expenses-paid team retreats and conferences
    • Unlimited PTO
    • Weekly meal voucher
    • WeWork membership
    • Your choice of laptop
Jito Labs mission is to scale Solana through high-performance MEV infrastructure.

We’re a fast moving and ambitious team building infrastructure to increase the performance of Solana and maximize rewards for stakers and validators. We're well-capitalized and have experienced massive growth across multiple products in 2023, gaining market share faster than our competitors. Jito-Solana, our MEV validator client for Solana, has gained more than 70% of stake on Solana.

Come join our rockstar team of twelve to accelerate our growth!