Form Manager, Toronto

EF Team – Toronto
Full-time Permanent
About Entrepreneur First
Entrepreneur First was founded in 2011 by Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford with the aim of enabling the world’s most ambitious people to build the most important companies, and that is still true today. We are the world’s leading talent investor - we invest time and money in outstanding individuals, helping them find a co-founder, develop an idea, and start a technology company from scratch. Across our programmes in Europe and Asia, to date we have helped over 2000 individuals build more than 230 companies, with a total valuation of $1.5 billion. EF’s companies have been funded by many of the leading venture investors in Europe, Asia and Silicon Valley. Our major exits to date include Magic Pony Technology which was acquired by Twitter for a reported $150m only 18 months after the Founders met on the EF programme.

EF now faces the biggest and most exciting challenge in its history: scaling to become a globally important institution. To be accessible and attractive to the world’s most ambitious people, we’re opening our inaugural North American cohort in Toronto, with the first 50 candidates starting in Q2 2020. 
On top of being operationally exciting, this role offers you the chance to be part of the founding team, creating EF culture abroad, and work on the IP for the company’s most crucial scaling mechanism.

The Form Manager will own the process of building startups from scratch in our Toronto office - how we turn individuals into teams, and how we develop world changing ideas. This is a high responsibility role with an opportunity for immediate impact, a steep learning curve, as well as long-term incentives and development. 
At EF, the Form Team enables the world’s most ambitious individuals to build world changing companies. This means identifying a cohort of 100+ individuals and helping turn them into world-class startups. After the Form stage, EF invests and the Launch Team prepares them for external funding. 
It once seemed impossible to build companies from scratch. Over the past 8 years, we've built a robust, scalable way to do this. Our method creates some of the most valuable startups produced in Europe and Asia. EF has a unique opportunity to develop the secret to building billion dollar companies from scratch. No other organisation has access to this. This is the Form Manager's ‘North Star’.
Read this to find out why the Form matters.
You will manage the team that runs EF Toronto's Form programme. This is the main company building part of EF and is a 14 week programme that begins from when we offer an individual, through to when we invest in the company they create. This team catalyses the work done by our Talent and Admissions efforts. This is the core of EF’s unique methodology. 
The total Toronto Team, which you'll be an integral part of, has the following responsibilities: 
Talent and Admissions Support pre-EF’s initial offer. 
As Form Manager, you won't just be involved in company building, but in finding the best early stage founders too. You will encourage the smartest and highest potential candidates to apply to the programme, then identify the best and brightest applicants from the pool. This is a unique challenge: no other organisation has found a way of assessing individuals’ raw potential to be founders.
Participate in our talent outreach through sourcing pipelines and high touch interactions
Support the selection and interview process
Cultivation. Ensure everyone we offer to join EF, joins. 
Every person we offer that doesn’t join is a missed opportunity to build something massive. Your mission is to ensure offer holders know EF is the highest value use of their time. Joining EF should be as extraordinary an experience as joining Harvard, McKinsey, or Google.
Create a world class pre-joining experience for offer holders.
Spend time with offer holders to ensure they join.
Problem solve with selected offer holders to prepare them. 
Team building. Crack the code for founding teams. 
As Form Manager, you'll have responsibility for the quality of companies that are created during EF Form. We have developed a robust team building method. But, there is still much to learn. Your mission is to build as many strong teams as possible.
Work with sole founders to help them progress into teams.
Actively manage team breakups and formation.
Develop EF's team building frameworks.
Use EF's data to create optimal co-founding teams. 
Ideation. Ensure the teams work on high potential ideas 
We influence what ideas EF founders work on enormously. Your mission is to make these ideas as high potential as possible.
Work with EF founders to develop their ideas.
Develop EF's frameworks on ideation.

You should excel with process and people, be strategic but enjoy getting your hands dirty and want a fast paced role. You should have a high EQ and be able to move between moments of high intensity decision making as well as emotive and difficult interpersonal situations.

Experience: You should:
Be a strong execution-oriented problem solver. 
Have been a founder or worked in an early-stage startup.
Worked at a top tier company.
Worked in or with startups at a senior level.
Personal: You will:
Be an expert problem solver who thinks on their feet
Have high EQ and enjoy working with people
Be an engaged upside thinker
Be extremely ambitious
Have a strong growth mindset
Have outstanding organisational skills
Be a strong communicator
Be very comfortable with managing competing priorities
Training and development
Your experience will be invaluable, but nowhere are startups built the way they are built at EF. We will teach you the method we have taken 8 years to create. 
Reporting: You will report to our General Manager (François Le Nguyen) and manage a team of Associates and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (3-4 people). 
In addition to the financial compensation, the benefits of working at EF include:
Surrounding yourself with the world’s smartest and most ambitious individuals and have the opportunity to be an early employee at an institution that is changing the way the most ambitious people approach entrepreneurship in Canada. The potential impact is enormous.
Supercharge your learning - you’ll have a very steep learning curve and work in a talented, ambitious, and committed team of specialists.
Embed yourself within the EF network - we work with the best technologists, founders, investors and high net worth individuals.
Working in a buzzing space full of technical founders and being part of an enthusiastic and fast-paced team.
In addition to 23 holiday days to use flexibly between January and December, we also close the office down for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.
A Learning and Development allowance to purchase any product or service that will contribute to your personal or professional development.
A Wellness allowance: everyone gets a wellness allowance to be spent on things that enhance your health and wellbeing e.g. gym memberships, yoga classes, running shoes, subscription to Headspace etc.
Annual retreats with our Global team
A generous maternity and paternity pay and leave policies. We care about your families and we want to enable you to achieve the right balance between your home and working life.

This is a Manager level role, with a competitive salary and performance based remuneration. This role can expect significant upside from our fund through our carry plan.
Location: You will be based in EF's Toronto office (location TBD), with periodic training in London.
Start Date: December 2019, with our inaugural cohort starting Q2 2020.

EF champions diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment in which a variety of backgrounds thrive. We do not tolerate discrimination of any nature including but not limited to discriminating on the basis of race, colour, religion, culture, nationality, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual preference, age, disability, or marital status.