Actuarial Fellowship Program

Columbus, OH
We get it: balancing exams and work is hard. Really hard.

We also get that becoming an FCAS is a monumental milestone, both as a career and personal accomplishment. That's why Root wants to make it a little easier to reach.

Quit your job. Study for your final exam with a $15,000 stipend from us. Then, come work for Root as a full-time actuary. We're looking to develop top talent to help us shape not only the future of auto insurance, but the future of what it means to be an actuary.

How the program works

    • Apply for the program. We're looking for applicants within 1 exam of their FCAS.
    • Interview (and accept a job) with Root. Let's make sure we're a good fit for each other.
    • Study for your exams (while we pay your bills). We provide $15,000 so your focus is studying, not working.
    • Take your exam. We'll cover the exam fees if you pass.
    • Come work for us. No matter the outcome, you'll join Root's actuary team.

Minimum qualifications for applicants

    • Within 1 exam of FCAS designation
    • 5 years of P&C actuarial insurance experience
    • 3 years of pricing insurance experience
    • Demonstrable expert in Statistics/Applied Mathematics
    • Demonstrable experience in constructing pricing models from scratch
    • Intermediate experience in SQL/PostgreSQL or other database software packages
    • Experience with modeling in R, Python or other 
modeling software packages
What happens if I fail my exam?
Failing the exam does not eject you from the program; you still get to keep your job and stipend

Do I have to live in Columbus during my sabbatical?
No, but it’s highly encouraged. If you move to Columbus during your fellowship, you’ll have access to our office and all of its amenities, including a lounge area to study, gym access, and catered breakfasts and lunch.

Am I technically an employee during my study sabbatical?
Yes! You’ll have all of our employee benefits during your fellowship, including medical, vision, and dental insurance, our 401k contribution match, and cell phone reimbursement program.

So is the “Actuarial Fellow” my title at Root?
It will only be your position title while you study for your exam. During the interview process for the fellowship, we’ll feel out where your skills best align within the team. Then we’ll work together to determine your title and role for when you are full time.