Senior Frontend Engineer

London /
Software Engineering /
We are a well-funded start-up based in London and Boston, and are backed by founders, investors and entrepreneurs who have built multi-billion dollar technology companies. Join us in tackling wide-ranging technical challenges from DNA analysis, to machine learning, to building apps and products for millions of users.

For the past 3 years we have been working to on the PREDICT studies, which aim to help people better understand their unique metabolism and gut microbiome. Our findings were recently published in the leading medical journal Nature Medicine.

We just launched our commercial product which will help people make impactful changes to reduce dietary inflammation, improve gut health, long-term weight, and health.

We are also the team behind the COVID Symptom Study app, which is used by 4 million people in the UK to report their health daily and help critical research on COVID-19. Some novel findings to come out of this research include the identification of anosmia as an official COVID symptom, whether oestrogen can protect against coronavirus, and the identification of new COVID hotspots in the UK - you can learn more about our work on this here.

As a company, we support a diversity of ideas and thinking, trust, respect and support our colleagues so we can advance together.

The COVID pandemic has prompted us to continuously improve our remote working policies, allowing for flexible working opportunities depending on your individual circumstances.

What are we looking for?

    • The ideal candidate enjoys building pixel perfect front-end experiences and isn't afraid of rapid experimentation to A/B test different ideas �
    • Our team consists of autonomous individuals who like to ship quality products at pace. As such, you must be comfortable operating and delivering into similar environments.
    • Someone who strives to keeping their code clean, tests complete and functional, and their releases frequent
    • Following best practices, and encouraging other team members to use and adopt them
    • Collaborating with your squad stakeholders and product managers to help shape the work that the undertakes
    • Keeping concerns such as accessibility, responsiveness and performance at the forefront of our product development, ensuring that we build products that are a pleasure to use for everyone, everywhere.
    • Working closely with non-technical team members to focus on building systems that directly serve our customers and to ensure we are always building better things.
    • Helping the team to operate effectively by breaking problems down into simpler and faster to build components.
    • As a Series A Start-up, we frequently deal with high levels of ambiguity. It’s imperative that you can perform under these conditions. We work in an incredibly supportive environment with cross-functional teams that aim to help each other grow.
    • We believe in outcome over output. As such, we prefer a “technology agnostic” mindset that’s aimed to get the job done - whatever tool is required.

Experience Overview

    • Minimum 5 years of commercial web development experience, ideally in product companies with some complexity.
    • Proactive personality with a passion for Software Engineering and Software Craftsmanship, including TDD
    • Experience with React and the wider ecosystem
    • Our existing systems make heavy use of Typescript, React, HTML, CSS, Python. We deploy and operate our software using Docker and Kubernetes in GCP.
    • BSc or MSc in Computer Science or an equivalently rigorous discipline
    • We appreciate those who dedicate themselves to lifelong learning. Possessing a self-improvement mindset, reading software engineering books, attending meet-ups, speaking at events or generally contributing to the world of OSS is a huge plus! 


Is this a full-time role?
Yes, this is a full time, permanent role based in London

Can I work remotely full-time?
Everyone is currently working remotely due to COVID. Our office is based in Waterloo and we intend to return to it at least part-time when we deem it safe in 2021.

What's it like to work at ZOE?

The ZOE team is diverse, dynamic and data-driven. We have an open and honest culture that delights in learning, thrives in collaborating and likes to have fun. 

We have flexible working that's focussed on driving results at pace. 

We get together to socialise on Zoom and now, have some socially distanced park dates together when we can. If karaoke is your thing, you'll fit in just fine. 

What are the values of ZOE?

A scientific mindset 🧪
We are curious learners seeking the truth. We learn best by using data and careful experimentation. We are self-aware and know about the limitations of our knowledge, while always seeking to challenge and improve it.

Have courage, we’ve got your back ⚡️
We trust, respect and support our colleagues to take responsibility and deliver fast. We try to act selflessly and make time to help each other so we advance together.

Put users interests first ☝🏽
We start by understanding our users and empowering them to achieve their goals. We earn their trust by connecting to them authentically and respecting their privacy.

Respectfully inclusive 🌎
We promote diversity of ideas and thinking because we value what makes each of us unique in our science, our company, and the community. Our language is polite, positive and empowering, encouraging participation.