Head of Brand & Comms, COVID Symptom Study

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Head of Brand: COVID Symptom Study 
Reporting to: VP, Marketing and working with Professor Tim Spector, King's College London

The COVID Symptom Study is the world’s largest study of COVID-19 globally with over 3.9 million users. The app’s largest cohort is in the UK with 3.5 million contributors. Millions visit our properties weekly and expect dynamic, relevant content about how COVID-19 is impacting the country in real-time. As a Head of Brand at ZOE working on the COVID Symptom Study app you’ll play key leadership role working amongst scientists, researchers, and government organisations. As the lead on communications, content and press/media relations you’ll manage a tight team team to deliver engaging content to millions of users in the app, over e-mail, and social media. You’ll have a depth of knowledge in content marketing coupled with how to present back science and data to savvy consumers. You’ll have the opportunity to partner with leading US, UK and SE scientists as well as non-profit organisations supporting the cause such as the American Cancer Society and SU2C.

Longer-term: as part of the UK ZOE team, you’ll have the opportunity to transition to a marketing leadership role for the ZOE nutrition product, leading UK launch efforts in 2021. The ZOE plan is the world’s most scientific, biology-first way to reach your healthiest weight. The plan tests your body’s response to food, delivers cutting-edge insights, and pairs you with a personalised app that has recipes tailored to your body.


Retention: With over 3.9 million users globally, you’ll closely partner with scientists and the ZOE product team to create and deliver valuable content, data visualizations, and storytelling that engages contributors. Your objective is to retain our user base by showing the impact of our work and how it relates to the news cycle, government decision making, and global health. Through a strong partnership with our product team, you’ll monitor retention rates to ensure these remain high.

Growth: By showing impact and change through clear communications, you’ll be responsible for thinking about ways to drive referrals from existing users. Through brand partnerships, influencers and press, you’ll help to amplify our communications and drive new users to the app.

Our values
What we look for in a ZOE team member.

A scientific mindset 🧪We are curious learners seeking the truth. We learn best by using data and careful experimentation. We are self-aware and know about the limitations of our knowledge, while always seeking to challenge and improve it.

Have courage, we’ve got your back ⚡️We trust, respect and support our colleagues to take responsibility and deliver fast. We try to act selflessly and make time to help each other so we advance together. 

Put users interests first ☝🏽We start by understanding our users and empowering them to achieve their goals. We earn their trust by connecting to them authentically and respecting their privacy. 

Respectfully inclusive 🌎We promote diversity of ideas and thinking because we value what makes each of us unique in our science, our company, and the community. Our language is polite, positive and empowering, encouraging participation.

About you:

    • 7+ years of experience in brand and marketing
    • 2-3 years of team management experience with strongly honed managerial skills
    • Expertise in content marketing, social media strategy, PR essential with a demonstration of this track record in your application
    • Communication: succinct and focussed
    • Experience in an app-based technology start-up a plus
    • A dynamic thinker, self-starter, and doer who thrives in execution at pace
    • Analytical and can propose business cases for their ideas and assess the ROI of their work
How to apply: Please submit your CV and cover letter explaining why you are a great fit for the role and please include a relevant case study demonstrating results from a campaign or project you personally led. Please include at least one reference. A website or portfolio showing work is strongly advised if available.