Computational Biologist

Boston MA
Science Team
Joyn Bio is a joint venture between Bayer and Ginkgo BioWorks dedicated to addressing unmet needs in agriculture by applying synthetic biology approaches to engineer microbes.


Collaborate in a multi-disciplinary team to proactively offer bioinformatics and other OMICS solutions to help build engineered microbial products for crop fertility.


    • Bioinformatic-based Support for Program Science - Combine a passion for microbial physiology & genetics with multi-omics data to help direct key decisions in strain and pathway selection.  Drive the analytical strategy around multivariate predictive modeling to capture genetic signals in the microbial host that lead to highly effective in-plant performance of engineered microbes.  Communicate effectively through listening, documentation and presentations, especially using compelling visualization tools to share analysis and interpretation of data.
    • Cutting Edge Pipeline Development - Integrate and analyze divergent data types [OMICs, plant phenotypic data, field data] from multiple sources to help understand microbe, plant and pest/pathogen interactions.
    • Ginkgo Interface: Be a networker who will take initiative and connect with Ginkgo people and teams, to learn about the Foundry’s capabilities and resources. Become a technology translation bridge between Joyn’s project teams and the computational talent/services within Ginkgo. Be able to compliment Ginkgo’s capabilities, with customized algorithms that combine Foundry data with plant readouts to serve project specific science.
    • Computational Platform Interface:  Work with Joyn Bio’s platform and infrastructure team to automate and translate innovative algorithms into cloud-based pipelines.  Work with team members to understand their roles and serve as backup as needed.


    • Ph.D. (or Masters with equivalent experience) Systems Biology, Plant Genetics, Plant Physiology, Microbiology, Microbial Genetics, Protein Engineering, Computational Biology, Genomics.
    • 2-5 years of industry experience implementing computational programs and scripts to support large scale data and NGS analysis (comparative genomics, RNA seq, SNPs, metabolomics, proteomics), genome assembly and analysis, motif finding, sequence alignment.
    • Proficiency in Python, Perl or R and capable of framing problems as programming tasks from the ground up or working with existing code; command line usage.
    • Demonstrated understanding and usage of various bioinformatics databases and tools; computational pipeline management tools (e.g. snakemake, nextflow, etc.).
    • Experienced with good programming practices and utilizing version control.
    • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms (e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure) and deploying bioinformatics pipelines to the cloud.
    • Demonstrated ability to work in a cross-disciplinary functional team, prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously, integrate cross-functional issues, and balance competing priorities effectively.
    • A passion for creating transformative agricultural products, discovering new ways to add value for farmers.


    • This position reports to the Head of Computational Biology.
    • This position will be the computational lead for the crop fertility program within the Computational Program Biology team.

This position is based in Boston, Massachusetts site and will require 5-10% travel.

Application Requirements

All applications must include a cover letter.  The cover letter should indicate two elements:  why this position is a good fit for your skills and why you want to work at Joyn Bio. Applications that do not provide a cover letter will not be considered.