Analytical Scientist

Boston MA /
Microbial Engineering /
Joyn Bio is a joint venture between Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks dedicated to addressing unmet needs in agriculture by applying synthetic biology to engineer microbes.


    • The scientist will develop assays internally and in collaboration with partners and external CROs to advance the capabilities and increase capacity of the analytical platform at Joyn Bio.  Position is primarily in the lab with approximately 25% dedicated to researching new approaches, data analysis, and project management.


    • Ideate, design, and execute experiments that develop and validate assays to quantify or characterize metabolites, proteins, peptides, biopolymers, and/or other cellular components. 
    • Develop innovative ways to increase analytical capabilities or throughput through staying abreast of new technologies and bringing these technologies in-house. 
    • Identify and onboard new equipment, as well as maintain Joyn analytical equipment in collaboration with the Lab Operations department to ensure safe and optimal operation. 
    • Establish and update SOPs, transfer methods, train junior personnel, as needed, across R&D, and communicate results broadly across the organization. 
    • Collaborate  with the program teams, R&D departments and data scientists to implement strategies that enable new analytical capabilities in alignment with defined program goals to develop commercially relevant processes.
    • Draft and manage Technical Project Plans or Statements of Work in collaboration with the analytical team, program groups, data science team, and research partners.


    • PhD with 1-2 years, M.S. with >6 years postgraduate industrial experience in synthetic biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, or a related field.
    • Extensive experience in assay development including design, execution, and validation is required. 
    • Experience with method development and maintaining at least one of the following is required:  HPLC, UPLC, GC coupled to MS and other detectors.
    • Experience with improving assay throughput including adapting to use automated liquid handlers is a plus.
    • Experience with culturing microbes and associated techniques including fermentation, microscopy, and strain engineering principles is a plus.
    • Strong background in protein characterization including proteomics or enzymology is a plus. Familiarity with LIMSs and a willingness to tackle a steep learning curve with respect to leveraging custom software is a plus.
    • Demonstrated ability to drive technical projects to completion through scientific rigor and project planning and tracking is required.
    • Strong communication, detailed record keeping, and collaborative skills are required.


    • This position will report into the Analytical Team Lead
    • This individual will be part of the Boston-based Microbial Engineering team
    • This individual will collaborate with Joyn Bio departments across sites, as well as Ginkgo Bioworks Foundry teams, and external partners.


    • This position will be based at our Boston, Massachusetts site, and will require minimal travel.
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