Customer Success Manager

Los Angeles

“Where there is unity, there is always victory.”
—Publilius Syrus



Jumpcut is a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup that creates cinematic online courses with the world’s biggest influencers.

The founding team at Jumpcut has years of experience creating binge-worthy content -- we've created multiple viral YouTube channels that now have over 4.5 million subscribers and over 500 million views. We’re now taking that content creation experience and applying it to the monotonous world of online education.

If you’ve ever taken an online course, you already know that 99% of them suck. That’s because they all do the same thing: record a dry and uninspiring instructor who talks to the camera for hours on end. While this is fantastic for getting over an Ambien addiction, it’s atrocious for actual learning.

Think about what can be done with video: we have the ability to create things like Avatar, The Dark Knight, and Game of Thrones, but the status quo when it comes to online courses is this: In an ice cream parlor of unlimited flavors, every other online education company has opted for vanilla. We have our eye on the mint triple chocolate chip birthday cake cookie dough with strawberry whipped cream and banana nut sprinkles.  

Our team is approaching online learning in a completely new way: combining educational content with compelling stories, captivating cinematography, creative soundtracks, and much more. The result is a beautiful course that feels like a movie. We believe the future of education lies in creating world-class content.

If you want to learn more about our vision, check out our blog post about the future of education:

Here’s a visual example of the difference between most online courses, and ours:

The next course we are creating is about business and entrepreneurship. The instructor is the founder of (sold to Amazon for $1 billion). To get an idea of how this course is crafted, watch this test video we created for one of our lessons:


Our first course, Viral Academy, is an in-depth program that will teach anyone how to successfully start a YouTube channel, and eventually make a living as an influencer. We currently have 3,000+ paying members in the course, and over half of them are active in our forum -- posting their YouTube videos, looking for collaborations, asking general questions.
We’re looking for an amazing community manager that will spend all their time making every one of our users happy -- first and foremost, the 3,000+ paying users who are currently taking our Viral Academy course, but, almost as importantly, the 100,000+ people on our email list who are interested in the courses that Jumpcut have to offer, but ask us questions about what the program entails.

Your job will 100% consist of talking to these users. You’ll be working primarily on our forum (, and you’ll talk to potential users through Zendesk, Facebook Messenger, and our landing pages. Three months into the job, you’ll also start talking to members on the phone.

The five year vision for this job is for you to become Jumpcut’s Head of Customer Success, where you’ll be managing a customer support team and a community team that will respond to every single contact made to us within 3 hours.


For the first year on the job, you’ll be completely in charge of the Jumpcut forum. This means reading every post, responding to questions, flagging bugs for engineering, managing our volunteer moderators, and making it, in general, a vibrant, active place to be online.

That’s just your baseline responsibility. You will also constantly be suggesting new features and tests that might make our community better. You have to be obsessed with the forum in order to do this part of the job properly. Many of the new features that we’re building -- retain page position when you click on a post and then go back to the main page, a “hot” algorithm tweak, group chat with everyone online, giveaways every week for the most valuable forum post -- can only come from someone who cares about our forum deeply.

In addition to this, you’ll also be responsible for communication with all potential users who ask us questions through email or Facebook. You’ll be constantly iterating on Zendesk macros that answer their questions, while thinking about how to eventually scale customer service as volume grows.


    • You must currently be an active member of an online community for at least 1 year, and we have to be able to see your activity on that forum. Whether it’s dog training or exotic fruit, reddit or a random message board, you must be constantly on an online forum right now as a moderator or extremely active member.
    • You must have worked in some sort of online customer satisfaction role in some capacity.
    • You must love talking to people, especially on online forums.
    • You must be a people pleaser, and you must consider one of your greatest strengths making other people happy.
    • You must be outgoing and great to speak with on the phone. You make people feel good about themselves, and are empathetic about their concerns.


    • Eager to work in a small team (17 people) and grow quickly in responsibility as we scale.
    • Work full-time in our Hollywood, CA office.
    • Excellent written communication skills.
    • Legally eligible to work in the United States.

We offer competitive salary. Jumpcut benefits include stock options, catered lunch and dinner every day, a 401K, and full healthcare benefits. We're extremely excited to meet you, and see if it's a potential fit.

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