Direct Response Copywriter

Los Angeles


"Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise."
- Ted Turner

We're not your usual direct response company. Jumpcut is a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup whose mission is to create the most compelling educational content in the world.

We want to create courses that teach people the skills to live their dream life. We’re starting with courses on social media, and plan to rapidly expand to other niches. (Aka. We do information marketing, and we’re aiming to do it better than anyone else in the world… on both the marketing side AND the product side.)

How are we different?

Well - for one, we’ve got a team of engineers that can create our own custom marketing tools, software, and systems. That opens up a LOT of opportunity for putting your ideas into action. Because of that, we’re never limited by what tools are available on the market. (We’ve also got an in-house production team that kicks ass, and helps us create that world-class educational content I mentioned before.)

Now, in order to achieve our mission, we need to hire the best. A top performer who fits into our risk-taking DNA.


Right now, we’re currently looking for a full-time Direct Response Copywriter. Someone who is obsessed with writing amazing copy and striving to become the best in the world at it. Someone that spends their free time constantly researching, learning, and growing their skills. Someone who has a deep desire to connect with people’s emotions using words.

You’re going to be part of a team that is moving incredibly quickly. The speed with which we implement new ideas is likely faster than you’ve ever experienced. You’ll get a 360 degree view of how the business works and it will be your ideas that help us grow even faster. We’re not necessarily looking for an expert (but we’re definitely open to it).

Our main criteria is: will this person quickly learn and grow with the company? We want to see you grow into new roles beyond copywriting. So if you’re interested in not only being a world-class copywriter -- but also a world-class marketer -- then this position is perfect for you.


    • Writing emails to market and sell digital products.
    • Writing compelling copy for email opt-in pages.
    • Helping to strategize and write long-form sales letters and VSLs.
    • Writing engaging story/advice emails to build relationships with potential customers.
    • Coming up with creative ideas for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Ads.


    • The ability to self-manage. There will be times when you receive an open-ended project. You’ll be expected to fill in the details and come up with a strategy.
    • An eye for innovation. Someone who takes an assigned project, and makes it even better. We’re not looking for someone who simply “does what they’re told.” Each project is an opportunity to innovate.
    • A self-learner. The best marketers are the ones who continue to learn outside the job. They read books, take courses, brainstorm ideas - all on their own.

This is a full-time role, with the option to either work remotely or in our office in Hollywood, California. Our salary is extremely competitive, with great benefits including stock options, catered lunch/dinner every day (for those in office), 401k, health care, and best of all: lots of room for growth.

The first step of our application process is a simple questionnaire to determine if you’re a good fit. These are a series of intentionally broad questions that will allow us to get to know you. There's only one rule: answer honestly. Your answers can be as long or short as you'd like -- we're just looking for clarity of thought.

Please click the button below to submit your resume/cover letter, and get started on the questionnaire.