User Experience Researcher

Los Angeles, CA
Just Insurance is a young, fast-growing start-up, looking to revolutionize the auto insurance industry. Our customers pay fair premiums which are based on how they drive, rather than how old they are or what area they live in. They pre-pay, adding how much they can afford, pay only for what they use and don’t have to sign up to long and expensive yearly contracts.

We provide our insurance through an app. It’s super simple to signup and to use, built using the latest technology and powered by our proprietary data algorithms. It helps us to measure how our customers drive, what price they should get and allows to settle claims fast.

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What you will be doing

User Experience (UX) Researchers work to answer the most challenging questions in design. In this role, you will reveal what our users need from our products by conducting primary research, exploring the behaviors and motivations of our users, and working with teams of Designers, Engineers, Product Owners and others to develop new features. You’ll inspire change at all stages of product development by delivering exciting oral, written and visual presentations about our findings. Most importantly, your job as a researcher is to help the UX Design team understand what would make a user experience feel more intuitive and accessible to help us deliver a product our users love.

You’ll be our first User Experience Researcher hire and you get to decide and propose the right research methods for the product life cycle. You will be based in our Los Angeles office.

This will include:

    • Designing, organizing and conducting primary research, exploring the behaviors and motivations of our users through various methods such as ethnography, surveys, usability testing, A/B testing, Remote usability studies, and data analysis.
    • Inspiring change at all stages of product development by delivering compelling, written, and remote presentations on your findings.
    • Creating, refining and documenting our user research process
    • Working autonomously, whilst knowing guidance is there if needed

Skills and experience you bring to us:

    • Understands and has experience of a range of user research methods. Able to choose appropriate methods for different life cycle phases and situations. Knows how to apply methods correctly.
    • Able to turn research data into clear findings that inform decisions. Knows how to involve colleagues in analysis and synthesis to increase consensus and challenge assumptions.
    • Understands user-centered design practices and knows how to embed them into an agile workflow to deliver timely findings. Can work in an open, iterative and collaborative way in a multidisciplinary team.
    • Able to align user research activities with objectives to create strategic insights
    • Enjoy ambiguity and have a passion for finding clarity in the unknown
    • Likely drawn to and studied psychology, anthropology, or other social sciences
    • Experience working within the tech industry & start-ups (nice to have)

This is an extraordinary opportunity to get in at the ground floor of a business that seeks to revolutionize a $222B industry - and that's in the US alone. If you are passionate about making a difference and have a hunger to shake up a market that is ripe for change, this is the role for you.