Lead Backend Engineer (Go)

Berlin /
2. Tech – MarTech & Automation /
/ Remote
Make independent decisions, prioritize what to build and execute. We want you to own the whole toolchain, discuss business needs with department heads, empower your team, and work with our Machine Learning team to build the next generation of our ad-tech tools.

At heart, we're a service-centric company, striving to forge authentic, impactful client relationships. While our dedication may occasionally take us beyond the typical 9-5, it's all part of our commitment to be available and passionate when it matters most. Our aim is not merely to clock in and out, but to ensure absolute client success.

What we offer you
JustWatch offers you maximum autonomy and a no-nonsense, technical leadership that will support and push you to drive our future growth! In our permissionless environment, you will be able (and expected) to make independent decisions and move fast. There is no company-wide scrum, jira, or other organizational principles - work as you work best with your colleagues in the way you deliver outstanding results. As a leader, you have the tools and freedom to build a truly efficient team. Choose new tools, hire people, think out of the box, and don't ask for permission.

Who you should be
Software is not a beauty contest for you - you prefer battle-proven, easy to understand technologies because boring success outweighs a beautiful failure. Be the Rocky Balboa of software development! You are driven to build new software that delivers value without overthinking it. Deep down, you are always looking for the 20/80 option to solve a problem while you are not above hacking a solution together if that's what it takes. This way of thinking incorporates focusing on the most impactful tests and monitoring we can create - instead of following coverage guidelines.

We are open to unique career paths and are not looking for a fixed amount of experience or a particular tech stack. What matters most to us is your personality, character, and personal attitude regarding software engineering. Extensive experience in backend engineering, and GCP is a big plus - but that can be learned. What we truly love is if you were a founder or can otherwise demonstrate exceptional ownership.

What we are looking for

    • You solve complicated problems with simple solutions.
    • Technology is a means to an end for you, not an end in itself.
    • "Not invented here," Syndrome is something you are aware of and prevent.
    • You disdain bureaucracy, needles overheads, and useless meetings
    • This position is remote, but you have to life somewhere in or close to Berlin (We offer relocation services)
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JustWatch takes diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. Our goal is to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We commit to being inclusive.