DevOps Engineer (Intermediate & Senior)

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JustWatch is the leading entertainment marketing platform that connects people with their favorite content. We are looking for an SRE that is all about building powerful yet simple infrastructure. Our tools shape how engineers deliver code to over 30 million users per month, and we strive to make it an exceptional experience.

We enable JustWatch's mission by combining open-source solutions with custom software to reach the right level of fit. To make our platform simple and powerful, we stay away from trends and high-end solutions and are a member of the boring technology club. We focus on battle-proven, stable technologies. Only when faced with problems we can not solve with out-of-the-box solutions do we build custom ones.

Our stack consists of Golang, Kubernetes, Prometheus, ScyllaDB, PostgreSQL, and ElasticSearch, all running on the Google Cloud Platform and being configured via Terraform. You will play an integral role in shaping and evolving it.

Who we need

We are looking for driven people who love to work in infrastructure. Big pros for us are side projects, failed and successful startups. It's about the energy you bring to the team. We love challenging goals. We question everything. We are always learning and believe in the 80/20 rule and want you to share this passion for common sense and pragmatism in everything.

What we need from you

    • Eagerness to learn and explore new technologies.
    • The ability to make independent decisions
    • Service-oriented mindset and the empathy to understand what makes engineers tick.
    • A desire to help others before chasing infrastructure inefficiencies.
    • A “done is better than perfect” mentality

What we offer you

    • Freedom and responsibility. We share context on what matters to the business. The delivery is up to you.
    • No company-wide Scrum or other enforced processes. We are agile without the artificial overhead.
    • Great colleagues and a creative environment. We prefer asking for forgiveness over asking for permission.
    • Direct communication, no bloated hierarchy. Frequent open, honest, and bi-directional feedback.

What we recently worked on

    • We've enhanced our monitoring stack to keep track of Core Web Vitals, considered the findings, and reworked our Kubernetes node pools, resulting in a ~30% performance boost for the JustWatch page.
    • We migrated our self-hosted Scylla database over to Scylla cloud. We're doing the same thing by moving self-hosted Postgres instances over to Google CloudSQL.
    • We’ve dipped our toes into GitOps with ArgoCD and are currently rolling out our Prometheus Operator stack with it.
    • Lately, we've put our heads together and started brainstorming extensions of ChatOps, the main point through which engineering releases the code behind JustWatch.
Protip: We take our time to review every applicant, focusing on what stands out to the team: clear projects, ownership, and any entrepreneurial endeavors, rather than just buzzwords and tools.

Media is important to us and we are always happy to hear from people who enjoy film! If you feel like you are missing some of the hard skills – don’t worry, we are hiring for the attitude, values, and personality.

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How to apply
Just hit the apply button at the bottom of this page, and leave us your CV, info, and a short intro that gives us an idea of what motivates you, why you want to work at JustWatch, and how you think you will help us achieve our goals.

Please only apply if you are interested, copy&paste mass applications will receive a copy&paste rejection email. If you have any questions, please reach out to our talent team via LinkedIn or apply to this role directly through our jobs page.

Research shows women apply when meeting 100% qualifications, men at 60%. JustWatch welcomes all candidates, especially women and marginalized groups. Apply, let's talk and explore if you're a great fit.