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Are you tired of academia? Do you get more satisfaction from delivering business results and great questions instead of producing research papers? Are you building a deep intuition about data and how to define success before going deep with algorithms? If you're a builder who is fearless in challenging conventions and bringing new ideas to the table, we want to hear from you! To bring our tailor-made tools for the needs of the movie industry to the very next level.

Who we need:

    • Own the machine room of the data products driving our business.
    • Improve our automated campaign steering and drive home every flight on target and on time.
    • Work on our mean hybrid interest signals data machine. 
    • Collaborate directly with the founders of JustWatch on the business brain of our company and lead your team to deliver on time.
    • And advance our targeting by extracting every ounce of entertainment intelligence from our recommendation system based on massive user and item data. 

What We Need from You:

    • You are an expert in machine learning and data science, but you see yourself more as a solutions engineer than a scientist. 
    • You get satisfaction from delivering business results and asking great questions rather than from producing research papers.
    • A system thinker who intuitively understands data and defines success well before diving into algorithms.
    • Constant learning, delivering results and creating value are the core characteristics of everyone at JustWatch and we are looking for these values in every person we are hiring.

    • Protip: We take our time to review every applicant, focusing on what stands out to the team: clear projects, ownership, and any entrepreneurial endeavors, rather than just buzzwords and tools.

What You Will be Doing:

    • Don't start from scratch. Draw from years of data engineering excellence and a treasure trove of meaningful quality data you can model on from day one. Iterate with boring technology and keep it simple. Snowflake, Python, Pytorch, Scipy, XGBoost. You'll start introducing more complexity where it makes sense.
    • Build prototypes based on smart assumptions in three days instead of planning to outperform the SoTA in three months.
    • Understand our rich internal Recommendations-ML-Engine to pull from. Work on classical (non-)linear optimization problems through tabular modeling, forecasting, normalization, and NLP. 
    • Steal liberally from basic research instead of attempting it yourself.

What We offer You:

    • No more boring, outdated structures and superficial gym memberships.
    • We believe in a permission-less environment that lets us focus on delivering value without overcomplicating things.
    • We prioritize meaningful work over perks and that true fulfillment comes from intrinsic motivation, personal growth, and making a lasting impact.
    • We trust our skilled professionals to maintain a no-nonsense attitude and create an environment that promotes innovation.
    • We are committed to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals, and we offer a collaborative and supportive environment to do so.
    • Truly a hybrid work environment. You are not required to come to the office, but you will definitely want to.

Media is important to us and we are always happy to hear from people who enjoy film! If you feel like you are missing some of the hard skills – don’t worry, we are hiring for the attitude, values, and personality.

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How to apply
Just hit the apply button at the bottom of this page, and leave us your CV, info, and a short intro that gives us an idea of what motivates you, why you want to work at JustWatch, and how you think you will help us achieve our goals.

Please only apply if you are interested, copy&paste mass applications will receive a copy&paste rejection email. If you have any questions, please reach out to our talent team via LinkedIn or apply to this role directly through our jobs page.

Research shows women apply when meeting 100% qualifications, men at 60%. JustWatch welcomes all candidates, especially women and marginalized groups. Apply, let's talk and explore if you're a great fit.