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Hi. I am Guillermo, the hiring manager for this position and backend developer lead of StreamingGuide. Our mission is to propel to become the premier streaming guide worldwide.

We predominantly utilize Golang and Kubernetes, interfacing with GRPC APIs from teams such as Content (housing our extensive database) and Martech (for ad display). Additionally, we work with databases like Scylla and Elasticsearch, ensuring seamless operation even under high loads exceeding 5k requests per second.

About the Role
Currently, we're tackling challenges like integrating video ads, fortifying against scraping, enhancing response times, and optimizing the click-through rate for our recommender engine. As part of our team, you'll contribute by applying your experience in Go, infrastructure management, and challenge resolution. You will also be responsible for creating a healthy team environment and helping grow colleges with less experience.

The hiring process
Following an initial chat with our Talent team, you'll engage with either myself or Martin, our VP of Engineering, to discuss cultural alignment and assess mutual fit. If we proceed, a coding challenge awaits, a collaborative 1.5-hour session where we'll tackle fictional functionalities together. You will share your screen and code on your machine. If needed, we can also provide you with a coding environment in Linux. The last one will be with our CTO Dominik.

What We're Looking For
We are looking for autonomous experts, with plenty of experience, and feel comfortable with moving bytes all over the place while providing transparency and good communication. You should be able to code in Go, deploy to Kubernetes, and debug production challenges in the Google cloud.

What we provide
Apart from the nice office (feel free to visit us), we will provide you with anything that is required to fulfill our needs. As seniors we expect you to tell us what you need, and we will try to match that.

Media is important to us and we are always happy to hear from people who enjoy film! If you feel like you are missing some of the hard skills – don’t worry, we are hiring for the attitude, values, and personality.

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How to apply
Just hit the apply button at the bottom of this page, and leave us your CV, info, and a short intro that gives us an idea of what motivates you, why you want to work at JustWatch, and how you think you will help us achieve our goals.

Please only apply if you are interested, copy&paste mass applications will receive a copy&paste rejection email. If you have any questions, please reach out to our talent team via LinkedIn or apply to this role directly through our jobs page.

Research shows women apply when meeting 100% qualifications, men at 60%. JustWatch welcomes all candidates, especially women and marginalized groups. Apply, let's talk and explore if you're a great fit.