Data Sales Executive

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Business Development /
Full Time
About Kairos Aerospace 

At Kairos Aerospace we combine innovative aerospace systems with advanced data science. Unlike traditional aerospace companies, we sell information, not hardware - we operate our sensors cost-effectively at continental scale to produce novel data streams about pressing global problems.

First on our list: spotting hard-to-monitor emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that accelerates climate change.

As a team, we love science and engineering, we love getting our hands dirty with hardware and software, and we love seeing our work make a difference in the real world.

We’ve created a diverse, collaborative, supportive, and fun environment that is based on integrity and treating people right. So no matter your gender, gender identity, race, age, beliefs, sexual orientation, or disabilities, we welcome you and would like to work with you. :-)

It’s never boring, it’s always challenging, and we’re usually laughing.

Data Sales Executive

Unique in the oil and gas industry, Kairos offers emissions monitoring as a service.  Kairos does not sell equipment nor do Kairos employees set foot onto customer fields while collecting data about fugitive emissions. Instead, we provide timely, immediately actionable information about where and when major emissions are occurring.

Kairos aerial methane surveys are a new way of managing oil field operations and you will be responsible for selling this service to both upstream and midstream operators.  

The product helps customers dramatically lower their environmental footprint impact while simultaneously reducing overall operational costs. While the benefits are clear, companies differ on the priorities they place on improving various aspects of their operations. Your job is to communicate the value we can provide in ways tailored to the unique motivations of each potential customer.

Finally, you'll contribute the most valuable commodity in shaping our future products and strategies: a deep understanding of our customers. Your creative collaboration with our product teams will help us craft our future products and business strategies

Things we'd love for you to embody:

    • Sales experience - you have experience in either traditional sales or business development with a focus on generating new commercial relationships. You understand the sales cycle and decision making in large companies.
    • Excellent communication skills - both listening and talking. Selling new approaches to traditional companies means taking the time to carefully understand how they think about the problems Kairos solves and then making them comfortable with new solutions that change their operations.
    • Knowledge of the oil & gas industry - you understand the dynamics of upstream and midstream companies: how they're structured, what motivates them, and the dynamics of their business relationship to each other out on the fields.
    • Knowledge of data as a product - some say data is the new oil.  We are selling data to the people that produce the old oil. You understand how data is generated, managed, and consumed by oil & gas companies.
    • Sensitivity to concerns - issues of safety, liability, and confidentiality are paramount concerns for companies around fugitive emissions. You understand these very real concerns and know how to communicate that Kairos can be a trusted partner in this domain.
    • A willingness to travel - note that Kairos maintains it offices in Mountain View, CA. We support remote work and you wouldn't have to relocate for this position, but your job will require domestic travel to visit customers in places like Houston, Midland, Denver, and Oklahoma City as well as attend various conferences. You'll also visit the rest of the team in Mountain View from time-to-time. There may also be occasional international travel as our footprint expands. (This is not an inside sales position).
Life at Kairos

A few important facts about working at Kairos Aerospace:

We provide health, dental, and vision insurance, including subsidized coverage for dependents.

We think death-march hours are a bad way to run a company. We expect something approximating a 40-hour work week, but mostly we just care that your work gets done. No, really. (Full disclosure: we occasionally put in some extra hours during crunch periods, but that is the exception, not the norm).

We do not track vacation time, nor do we have set hours to be in the office. Instead, we encourage taking real vacations, mental health days, leaving early to pick up the kids, working from home, time-shifting commutes, staying home when you're sick, ducking out to the gym - we believe work time should be flexible.

We support remote work, and even many of our local people only come in to the office a few days a week. We love it when kids make a cameo in a video call.