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Equity Cohort
8 month paid Fellowship

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Spring 2018

  • In 500 words maximum, tell us why you are applying for the Kairos Fellowship.
  • What work have you done for and with communities of color. Which communities are you accountable to and how are you accountable to them?
  • Tell us about a time you mobilized folks towards a common goal or purpose. Describe what happened, what your role was, what you accomplished, and what lessons you learned.
  • How do you define anti-blackness? What are some examples of how you've seen it play out in your community or in other places?
  • What types of creative skills (video, graphic design, drawing etc.) do you possess and give an example of how you might use those skills to advance a campaign.
  • The Kairos Fellowship teaches fellows how to use the Internet to motivate folks to take action online and offline. What skills do you already possess, beyond the ones listed above, that are highly relevant to, or strongly indicate aptitude for, this kind of digital organizing?
  • In what way do you think the internet is such an important vehicle for creating change? Give an example of a recent 2017 online social justice campaign you thought was impactful and why.
  • What is one digital platform or tool that you think is awesome and excited to use [in a creative way?], and give us an example of how you might use the platform or tool in a campaign.
  • What is the most impactful social justice campaign that you've participated (or observed) in the past year and why?
  • The Kairos Fellowship is building a network of emerging civic tech leaders of color. At our core, we are organizers and movement builders, we are collaborators that build across many networks. We believe that relationship building is core to achieving our goals and we are constantly finding ways to support one another’s vision for a just world. What are some of the most relevant ways you have embodied [or demonstrated] these values in your life, work and volunteer experience, and in your interpersonal relationships?
  • What gender pronoun/pronouns do you use?
  • Describe yourself in a 280 character tweet. Include a hashtag that describes you.
  • Tell us how you heard about the Fellowship.
  • Please check yes that you understand that the application process will likely take 3-4 months. We aim to make final decisions in April and will keep you updated every step of the way.

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