Senior Product Designer

San Diego
Product Design
About Kandji

Kandji is a venture-backed software startup headquartered in downtown San Diego. Drawing on decades of experience in Apple IT, we saw a dire need for a device management platform that could accommodate growing businesses and increasing regulatory demands. Existing solutions were either overly simplistic or mind-numbingly complex and didn’t meet the needs of today's organizations. We knew there had to be a better way — so we built Kandji. Behind our business is a handful of the best investors in tech. Together, we are creating a new category of device management that can better serve modern businesses.

As a Product Designer at Kandji

    • You love to listen – You want to intimately know the people you’re designing for and how your work impacts their lives.
    • You tell stories – You can weave a narrative that puts your ideas into the context of real life, whether it’s through words, pictures, or interactive prototypes.
    • You know your medium – You know what it takes to build software, and how to work within its constraints.
    • You’re a craftsperson – You have a process and you can lead people through it.
    • You sweat the small stuff – You know it’s the little things that make people love a product. But also…
    • You know when to ship – You know that sometimes it’s better to validate assumptions early on.
    • You think holistically  – You connect the dots as part of a larger system.
    • You know SaaS – You’ve delved into the consumer playbook to bring delight to enterprise users all while moving the metrics that count.
    • 4+ years of experience as a Product Designer, UI/Visual Designer, and/or UX Designer.
At Kandji we believe in fostering an inclusive environment in which employees feel encouraged to share their unique perspectives, leverage their strengths, and act authentically. We know that diverse teams are strong teams, and welcome those from all backgrounds and varying experiences.