Senior UX Designer

San Francisco, CA
Engineering & Design /
Full-Time /
Video editing is the final frontier of software tools moving to the cloud. We're making the next generation of modern creators tools to enable everyone to share their story online. Join us at Kapwing on our mission to make content creation fast, accessible, and collaborative.

Everyone is a creator. The problem, however, is that today's tools get in the way of expressing our creativity fully. Especially when it comes to video, the gap between an idea and a video is wide enough that it's hard to even start.

Our mission at Kapwing is to make content creation easier and more accessible. Our main product, Kapwing Studio, is an online video editor that is both powerful and easy to use. Millions of creators every month choose Kapwing to tell their story and bring their ideas to life.

Our vision is to build a modern video editing platform that serves as the go-to tool for anyone creating video for Youtube, social media, or work. Being in the browser allows us to turn video editing, a traditionally heavyweight, time consuming workflow, into a joyful, collaborative, and fully-featured experience. We believe that we can use technology to augment the video editing and content creation experience, and we've already started on this path with a wide array of templates, applications of artificial intelligence, and new pipelines for exporting and video processing.

While software is the core of our product, being creative is the core of our work. Every team at Kapwing, from engineering to content to customer success, values trying new things, moving quickly, and helping creators in new ways. Join us on our journey to democratize creative tools and invent the future stack of video creation.

We're looking to hire a full-time UX designer to design innovative creative software (interactions and visual design). As Kapwing's first full-time designer, you'll join a scrappy, user-oriented, fast-paced design culture and help us build our design practices from the ground up. This is a full-time role reporting to Kapwing's CTO at our HQ in San Francisco.


    • Owns visual design for the website. Establish design best practices and guidelines. Advocate for UX cross-functionally.
    • Propose innovative products that empower creators. Conduct user research and interviews to inform product discovery.
    • Sketch and define prototypes, make wireframes, and create mocks or specs in Figma to hand-off to engineering.
    • Consult on UX as features are developed, review new features before they launch, and add visual polish. Work closely with engineers to implement new functionality and design for technical constraints.
    • Audit existing workflows based on user research and file stories for UX "bugs."
    • Contribute graphics, illustrations, and assets for landing pages and product marketing.
    • Guard against both feature creep and architect scalable tool infrastructure. Simplify.


    • 2-6 years of experience in UX, product management, or visual design role at a software company
    • Love for delightful web experiences, beautiful UI, and responsive websites
    • Passion for creators and creative tools
    • Visual design: Mastery of modern typography, color, spacing, outlines, and aesthetic layouts. Can illustrate custom graphics and icons.
    • Comfortable with collaboration and design in Figma
    • Technical: Familiar with javascript and front-end prototyping tools
    • Fast paced: Comfortable with ambiguous startup environment.
    • [Preferred] Experience working on design for a SaaS startup
    • Context switching: Can advise on small design questions as they arise.
    • No ego: Prioritizes the company and team before their own interests. Able to reflect on their own weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Health Insurance
We have competitive health benefits for medical, dental, and vision insurance.

On their first day, every Kapwinger gets a Macbook Pro 16” work laptop. Monitor, standing desks, mouse, and keyboard are available in the office.

Time Off
Kapwing has a flexible PTO policy. We want all employees to continue to grow to the best of their abilities, but we also know the importance of work/life balance and supporting a family. Generally, we recommend that employees take no less than two weeks off every year, but PTO is personal and discretionary.

Kapwingers have a hybrid schedule. Tuesdays and Thursdays are our in-office days. Employees can choose to work from home or work from the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We ask our employees to be available 10:30 - 4pm their local time to have good overlap with time zones.

Apart from that, Kapwingers manage their own hours and can flexibly design their own schedules around their team, home life and preferences.

Kapwing sponsors 401k accounts for all of our employees through Guideline. 

When in the office, Kapwing covers lunch everyday. Occasionally, for company events, we send employees credit through a delivery platform to eat as a team. Employees can expense dinner if they are working from the office through dinner.

Team Weeks
We have Bi-annual team weeks when all team members come to SF for team building, training, and co-working. We balance work time with fun offsite activities to help grow our community and foster relationships cross functionally.