Product Engineer


Be a Product Engineer at Karat!
Hiring is the highest-leverage activity a company can do to increase its value.  And interviewing is a critical part of the hiring process.  But interviewing is broken.  Most interview processes are ineffective and inefficient, and they’re not data-driven.

Karat is fixing the broken interview process.
We’re the first dedicated marketplace for technical interviewers. Our interviewers are seasoned engineers who conduct the first rounds of technical interviews for software companies like Interana, Intuit and Minted. We provide a robust platform that saves employers thousands of hours while allowing them to focus on the top performing candidates. We use data and machine learning to enable a people-centric hiring process that optimizes for both interview effectiveness and candidate experience. Karat is funded by 8 Partners and Founder Collective, as well as investments from founders of Glassdoor, Mulesoft, Lookout, OPOWER, MediaLink and Creative Artists Agency. Our headquarters is in Seattle.

Join us as our first Product Engineer.
As our first Product Engineer, you’ll join our team in advancing the craft and science of technical interviewing. In this unique role, you’ll create and test new interview formats, establish quality standards for interviewers, develop training materials, and work with our customers to evolve the product to meet their needs. You’ll drive innovation, quality and consistency in how Karat interviewers assess talent. You’ll help deliver our service while building the platform to continuously improve it.

What we’re looking for.
Our ideal candidate is a software engineer who has significant experience with hiring and interviewing. This is a unique role, so we need someone who believes in our mission and will step up to the opportunity and responsibility of shaping the role.

Do you love technical interviewing and want to improve how it’s done? Have you thought about interview questions and formats, and the ways to improve them? Do you have a vision about what interviewing should be, but at the same time the practicality to balance that vision against near-term objectives? And are you a software engineer who loves writing clean, understandable and maintainable code? Do you have experience using a dynamic language for web development, such as Ruby, Python, or Go?

If your answers to the above questions are “YES!” then we’d love to hear from you. Together, we can fix the broken interview process and connect talent to opportunity.