Sales Recruiter


Hi there! We’re not a bureaucratic corporation with boilerplate job descriptions, published by HR, with sign-off from legal.  Instead,  I'd just like to tell you what it would be like working together. I love recruiting, and I love being part of building Karat from an idea to a business poised to disrupt. We’re growing and are focused on assembling a great team, so I need your help!

If this sounds like you, I think we’ll enjoy working together:

    • Driven.  Big audacious goals don’t intimidate you, they excite you!  You are creative and persistent when it comes to hitting targets.
    • Able to learn, quickly.  When paired with the above, you are unstoppable.
    • High intellectual curiosity.  You’re not just able to learn quickly, but you’re curious about learning more all the time, and exploring how to make things work better.

Here is what you should be ready to do:

    • Challenge the status quo, at your job, and in the world. At Karat, we’re simply unwilling to accept the status quo for technical interviewing in the world, so we’re challenging it.  A strong recruiter will spot internal inefficiencies, and test changes they think would be best for the company.  
    • Think differently.  We need to be surrounded by people from every walk of life, bringing new and different thoughts to the table - embrace your roots, and share those at Karat.
    • Face failure.  To build at the speed of our world, you need to make quick informed decisions, and not be afraid to fail, so long as you learn.
    • Build it.  We’re small right now, so we need great builders.  Whether or not you’ve built something from scratch before, be ready to do that at Karat.

Here is what I’ll do:

    • Be a partner in your success.  My success will be no more valuable than yours.  We will work together, as partners, to help you be as successful as possible.
    • Get out of your way.  I will be here to unblock any barriers when you are ready to challenge the status quo, and equip you to run with it.
    • Be very transparent.  Transparency is one of my core personal values.  I will always be very direct about what is expected, and how you’re doing.  

Here are the basic responsibilities of the job:

    • Find and attract candidates across a number of roles (Sales, Customer Success and more).
    • Work closely with sales leaders across the organization to identify and hire top talent.
    • Be okay doing a lot with a little at first - truly full-cycle: sourcing, scheduling, engaging, closing.
    • Be or become known in the community - enjoy attending networking events wherever you need to in order to find and recruit the best.
    • Drive an unwavering commitment to candidate experience.

If you decide to fill out an application, I'll warn you that you'll see several, fairly lengthy questions. I appreciate you taking the time to do this. Your answers to these questions will have a significant impact on your candidacy - think of it more as an early assessment, instead of me just making a judgment call on your resume.

I’m honored that you’ve taken the time to consider employment at Karat, and I hope we have the chance to work together.  

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