Automation & AI Specialist, Marketing

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Keboola empowers companies to unlock the full potential of their enterprise data, enabling efficient decision-making, process automation, and AI-readiness across the organization. Keboola's platform integrates and automates the management of disparate data from existing tools and systems, turning data into decisive action for departments such as Marketing, HR, Finance, and beyond. 

Keboola's Marketing team is pioneering an AI-first approach, prioritizing data-driven decisions. The AI & Automation Specialist will play a vital role in supporting this mission by collaborating with the team to develop and implement automation and AI use cases on the Keboola platform.

The AI & Automation Specialist will work closely with the Marketing team, the Senior Automation & AI Solutions Manager, and other cross-functional teams to develop innovative marketing use cases leveraging AI and automation.
These use cases can encompass multi-touch attribution, predictive analytics, market mix modeling, social media automation, and building a composable customer data platform (CDP) on Keboola.

Get creative! In your application, Briefly describe a marketing use case you'd build with AI and automation on Keboola.

The skills that we are looking for

    • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with Python and SQL is necessary to handle automation and data manipulation tasks.
    • Analytical Mindset: Strong analytical skills are essential to understand data and develop data-driven marketing use cases.
    • Marketing Expertise: A strong background in Marketing, particularly in AdTech and Marketing Automation, is a plus.
    • Keboola Experience: Familiarity with Keboola or a similar data operations platform is a plus.
    • Team Player & Independent Worker: You can thrive in both collaborative and independent environments.
    • Growth-Oriented: You have a strong desire to learn and stay up-to-date on advancements in AI and automation.

What we look for and what are the skills you need to have

    • Collaboration & Innovation: Work closely with cross-functional teams and Keboola partners to develop cutting-edge marketing use cases leveraging AI and automation
    • .Technical Expertise: Configure, maintain, and continuously improve AI and automation tools.
    • Support: Offer support to marketing users on these AI and automation tools.

A little bit more about the opportunity

    • Autonomy within your position. We are focused on outcomes, not micromanaging everything that you do. We love free company movement.
    • Work with great brands both locally and worldwide. Ask us who we were working with!
    • Work with new industry-leading data technologies.
    • The opportunity to create the job you want that fits in with the life you want. We know there is life outside of work, and think fulfilment is achieved when all areas of your life fit together.
    • We believe the best people are a bit weird and have an inner engine that drives them.
    • We strive to push people for career development.

You can look forward to the following benefits

    • Competitive compensation
    • Generous paid vacation time.  And we mean generous.
    • Cool new offices in the heart of Holesovice in Prague. 
    • We are a company born in the cloud means we are relatively location independent. Want to take an extra-long trip while working on the beach (or forest, or desert?), go ahead - make sure to send us a postcard.
    • No set office hours and flexibility (aside from when you are placed on-call to support customers).

Keboola’s Core Values

    • Care, love and respect
    • No BS
    • Get your stuff done and do a bit more
    • Create and innovate
    • Learn!
    • One team
Come One, Come All 
Keboola provides equal employment opportunities to all employees, consultants, and applicants for employment. We do not discriminate on any basis. Here’s the thing: we don’t care what color you are, who you pray to, what gender you identify with, if you have tattoos or your hair is blue. We hire based on skill and culture fit. It really is that simple.

More About Keboola
Every day Keboola connects data, systems, and people to do their best work all in one place. Keboola is a hybrid, multi-cloud data platform that reduces your day-to-day complexity with data by streamlining and automating your data processes and systems, creating a scalable data structure that works best for you, and aligns business and IT in a secure environment so they can do meaningful work together. Hundreds of innovative companies use Keboola to unlock their data-driven power. The company has offices in Chicago, Vancouver, London, and Prague. For more information, connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or visit