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Are you a real estate agent that is committed to growing a real estate team in the future?  You see the vision of where you are going, but you are not sure of the most effective way to build your team to ensure your success and the success of your agent partners. 

Hi, I’m Keri Shull. I am one of the top real estate team leaders in the country. I have sold over 7 Billion in Sales Volume. I have helped many team members net over $500,000 and coached many team leaders to net over $1,000,000. 

I love working with extremely driven people. I love optimism, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit with a goal for generational wealth. I love having an impact on the trajectory of peoples lives and setting them up to have greater impact on the lives of others.  That’s why I’m launching the first ever - Team Leader Cultivation Program.  I will bring agents on my team with a clear roadmap to launching their own team. While on the team you will learn the strategies, technologies and systems to successfully scale your own team. We will build your brand and launch plan together. We will develop your comp model and people plan based on your growth desires and put you in a position to fast track your success. 

Let me tell you a story. In 2021 I was on top of the world (like many of us in this industry)! We sold $725,000,000 in volume and supported 1168 families buying, selling or investing in real estate. I was extremely proud of our success, but what I was most proud of was the individuals on my team that I had supported in creating their own teams within my team. My top team leaders were doing 50-100 transactions AND had amazing work life balance. I’m a mom of 4, and it was really important to me that as our agents got more successful we had a program where we paid for full time support for our leaders.  Over the course of 6 months to a year, my team lost 15 of those 16 leaders. Compass came in and paid somewhere in the ballpark of 2.5M-3M in bonuses. I was devastated. I had been working with some of my team members for 8-10 years. It felt like my family was being torn apart. But now I’m grateful for the devastation I experienced because it changed me forever as a leader. I spent a few months internalizing what I could take responsibility for and what went wrong and I realized I was obsessed with accomplishing my goal for my team leaders not theirs. I value freedom of time and unlimited financial opportunity. Many of my team leaders were asking questions about building their own brands and what additional opportunities for growth were available to them, and I did not have a plan in place. Their vision outgrew mine and I didn’t have a way to support what they wanted to kept us in financial alignment. I also had team members moving out of the area asking for me to launch brokerages in other state. (I am a horrific test taker. I failed DC 3 times when I first got my license.) That is why I chose to take my extremely successful boutique brokerage to exp realty. I wanted to be in a place where ambitious team leaders could outgrow me. Now I am on a mission to help team leaders do just that.  

If you are considering this opportunity there are a few things to know about me: 

1. I hate lazy. If you are not willing to outwork others, you are not the right fit for our team. 
2. I love money. If you are not financially motivated, you are not the right fit for this opportunity. 
3. If you are not willing to do the work on yourself to be an incredible leader please don’t apply. 
4. If you do not truly care about having impact on others, growing a team is not right for you. 
5. If you are not coachable, please don’t apply. You will do it at the same pace with or without me so please grow on your own. 

If you know you are capable of incredible things in this industry and you want a mentor to work beside you to help you build a team you can be very proud of let’s see if partnership makes sense.