Head of Product Management (Payments)

Kuala Lumpur
Technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in the progress and success of businesses today, but building products for businesses can be one of the toughest things to do. They need to be incredibly easy to use and accessible to all, while still being powerful enough to help businesses grow. We’re on a mission to equip local businesses with the right tools and technology to help them succeed. So if you’re excited by the challenge of building highly usable products for local businesses of all sizes, let’s find a way to do it together.

Fave is Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing startup, with a web and mobile platform that is home to over 8000 partners(and counting). With the recent acquisition of Groupon in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, Fave is at the forefront of the fast-growing local commerce revolution in the region, and is also making a strong foray into the mobile payments space. We’re looking for a dynamic, empathetic product thinker who can help local businesses run and grow– because helping them grow their business is good business for everyone. 

This role is based out of our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, where you will work with fun, driven, and diverse teams of engineers, designers, product managers(and even sales and marketing folks). 

You will:

    • Lead strategy for few Fave products such as, Payments, FaveBiz, Fave consumer app, internal tolls 
    • Define detailed product roadmaps based on the product strategy, drive the alignment of key product releases, and adjust the vision as needed based on key metrics, market forces, and revenue goals
    • Align and energize key stakeholders and team members responsible for the various stages of the product lifecycle
    • Follow industry trends, competitors, and anticipate future market changes to keep Fave at the forefront of the search space
    • Build, manage, and motivate efficient and innovative Product Management team to meet and exceed organization and departmental goals and objectives
    • Work with the team of product managers to develop tools and products from end to end– writing specs, managing project execution, UI/UX wireframing, and defining product roll-out strategy.
    • Work closely with leadership, operations, and business teams to identify key product requirements and challenges; then with engineering, design, and marketing teams to plan, build and roll out amazing, easy-to-use products that partners will love.
    • Review and translate qualitative and quantitative data on usage patterns to identify new product insights and areas of improvement.
    • Work with our regional teams to localise and adapt our product to ensure its success in local markets.


    • 7+ years of Product Management experience, with 5+ years of growing, managing and inspiring a team to greatness
    • Proven track record of delivering highly scalable products:  mobile payments, mobile e-commerce, and / or enterprise software. 
    • Storytelling. You’re good at presenting to large groups, convincing people to run towards goals, and managing multiple stakeholders- even when they don’t report to you.
    • Tremendous empathy for end users(business owners and staff, in this case), combined with a passion to understand the challenges they face and what makes them tick. This may include getting your hands dirty and occasionally talking directly to partners and staff.
    • You practice design thinking and understand the balance of a more empathetic, flexible and iterative approach to product development.
    • You can stand behind design decisions that focus on finding out the right ideas alongside the business focus for growth.
    • You understand that brand presence, identity, and voice is just as important as the product itself.
    • Must be data and metrics-informed, and have an ability to tie product activities to metrics, such as customer adoption, product usage, or revenue, that help move the business forward. We strongly believe that you can’t improve what you can’t measure.
    • Discipline, focus, and the ability to deliver on tight deadlines. We’re an ambitious, fast-growing startup, so business demands are often fluid. 
    • Attention to detail, and a desire to build stable and easy-to-use products. Even if it’s a beta feature, you’re responsible for the bugs your team creates.
    • Demonstrated ability to lead a team and work cross-functionally in a highly collaborative environment
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills, and strong command over the English language.