Internship Programme - Singapore

The Fave Internship Programme offers a unique opportunity to experience the world of tech startups with meaningful and productive projects that allow you to build your resume and develop your skills. You will be provided with challenging projects, performance feedback, valuable networking opportunities, and many educational and social opportunities. Not only that, but you also get to mingle with new inspiring people and deliver your fresh ideas to the floor - we greatly appreciate your ideas too!

If being a part of a digital revolution in the fastest-growing region in the world excites you, get in touch today!

As candidates, you will need to have:

    • This role is perfect for those who love to be up and about, constantly engaging with people, and not afraid to get their hands dirty.
    • You must be able communicate in a clear and engaging manner.
    • Even better if you are fearless and bold when it comes to engaging with people.
    • You must have grit and be very hard working. A can-do attitude is absolutely necessary!
    • These qualities trump technical skills or grades.
    • You must also be a self-regulating, independent person who is accountable, passionate, and able to collaborate effectively with others.

As Fave interns, what we want from you:

    • Committing 3-6months of your time to becoming an awesome (paid!) intern.
    • Assigned to internship with a specific team that requires the skills/knowledge your have.
    • Exposed to the full-on experience of working in a tech start-upLearning crucial basic skills like communication, time management and multitasking.
    • Having a better understanding of how the e-commerce industry works.
    • Experience a work culture that is open and feedback-driven that can help you develop real-world skills like project management and effective communication.
    • Enjoy a trendy and open office that has a flat hierarchy, which means you can walk up to anyone for advice, feedback or to share ideas (Founders included!)

List of opportunities available:

    • Business Development Support

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* Needed immediately in May.