Internship - Software & Mobile Engineering - KL

Kuala Lumpur
Want to be a part of the fastest-growing fitness movement in Asia-Pacific? On a mission to make fitness fun and accessible for everyone, FAVE is a mobile and desktop app providing an all-access pass to hundreds of gyms, fitness studios and activities in your city.

We are now hiring a Tech Intern to join our dynamic Tech Team based in KL!

Directly from FAVE's CTO, Arzumy:

Okay kid, the fastest way to get an internship with FAVE Product and Engineering team is to build something. Forget whatever they teach you about resumes. Show us what you've built over the weekend.
Remember that one time you did a neat hack and almost got into trouble? Tell us that story.
I heard you do freelance gigs? Then show it to me.
Remember that one time where you sneaked into that Intro to Programming test? Just so you can help your struggling non-techie friends?
Or the semester where they banned you from the hostel? Because they didn't know how to stop you from running freely on their network?

I want to hear all about it. Tell it with pride, kid. And throw your resume away.
Interested? Click 'Apply' and introduce yourself to the team! An exciting journey is awaiting just a click away.