Engineering - Quality Assurance

Kuala Lumpur
Welcome to Fave. We are here to help local businesses to succeed and help everyone to live better, eat better. We are one of the fastest growing startups in South-east Asia. We started in 2015 as a fitness platform. We acquired three large lifestyle businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Now we are scaling it up like nobody's business.
As a Quality Assurance Engineer in Fave, you will be responsible of ensuring our millions of users are getting the best they can have. We are looking for someone who cares a lot about their craft. Someone who understands the impact of their work on the users.
Your work is not limited to the end users. Your work impacts the livelihood of local businesses. With you, we can help them to grow their business.
You are the QA Engineer for our team. You represent the company. We want someone who can work with various teams in Fave. We used multiple technologies throughout our ecosystem. We want someone like you, who is passionate on making apps that enhance human life.

What we expect you to do:

    • Identify and document bugs in our tracking tools clearly to ensure it is dealt promptly.
    • Thinking outside the box to design and maintain test cases ensuring even all the edge cases are covered.
    • Work closely with other departments to understand their requirements and ensure development team fulfill it.
    • Be a perfectionist with attention to small details and persistence on getting things done correctly.
    • Commit to do better. Commit to grow together with us. You have to be a better person than you are now after few months with us. 

How to get hired?:

    • We don’t care about official or formal education. What we care about is you can handle your work.
    • Prove us you have a good pair of eyes even with the thick glasses that you have.
    • Show us you have both Yin and Yang in you whenever you are required to apply it.
    • Show us how bad is your OCD.