FavePay Business Analyst - Singapore

- Communicate with partners and convince them to participate in our campaigns, and liaise with them throughout the entire campaign period. 
- Prepare weekly campaign schedules and ensure that campaigns planned meet internal KPIs.
- Analyze results of offline campaigns to identify high-performing locations and partners to maximize returns of future campaigns.
- Manage the allocation of promoters to various locations islandwide to support offline campaigns.
- Formulate and revise strategies used to acquire new users and increase transactions at campaign locations.
- Work with the team to brainstorm and execute new campaigns that can increase brand awareness and grow the business.


    • Proficient in Microsoft Excel
    • Meticulous, data-driven & analytical
    • Self-motivated and takes the initiative to do one step further
    • Able to articulate ideas well
    • Works well in a fast-paced and dynamic team