Internship - Content Writing (Editorial) - KL

Kuala Lumpur
We’ll need you to:
Be responsible for all product related copywriting needs (in app, website, landing pages, system emails,etc)
Write copy in various different forms with various different purposes – from  concise, descriptive copy to creative, storytelling copy
Create and/or review site structure and nomenclature for the most intuitive presentation of content strategies

We’re expecting you to have:
Excellent command of English, brownie points if you speak mandarin!
Adept in informative & creative writing with a keen editorial instinct
Demonstrated ability to write/edit/proofread
Knowledge of how to tell a story using words, images or audio and an understanding of how to create engaging content
Incredible people and communication skills
Creative, organized and innovative
On top of your regular internship responsibilities, you will also gain on-the-ground experiences. You will be required to work as a Fave ambassador by going out of the office once or twice per month for 3-5 hours to educate & demonstrate the use of the Fave App.