Engineering - Software Engineer (Front-End)

Kuala Lumpur
Welcome to Fave. We are here to help local businesses to succeed and help everyone to live better, eat better. We are one of the fastest growing startups in South-east Asia. We started in 2015 as a fitness platform. We acquired three large lifestyle businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Now we are scaling it up like nobody business.

As a Front-end engineer at Fave, your work is visible to millions of users. We are looking for someone who cares a lot about their craft. Someone who understands the impact of their work on the users.

Your work is not limited to the end users. Your work impacts the livelihood of local businesses. With you, we can help them to grow their business.

You are the front-end engineer for our team. You represent the company. We want someone who can work with various teams in Fave. We used web technologies throughout our ecosystem. You will craft our web, mobile web, and our mobile application. We want someone like you, who can make the web a better place.


    • Command the CSS monster. Magically turn Sketch design into beautiful web layout.
    • Build a frictionless web to convert users. You should make all different browsers, and platforms obey your command.
    • React fast with React. We work with various technologies, but our front-end mainly on React. You can pick it up easily.
    • Push our web technologies to the bleeding edge. You are not afraid to make our web PWA ready and make us look nice on Google Search with AMP.
    • Commitment to do better. Commitment to grow together with us. You have to be a better person than you are now after few months with us. 

How to get hired:

    • We don’t care about official or formal education. What we care about is you can handle your work.
    • Show us how you conquer the design. How you make the web a better and beautiful place.  
    • Tell us what you like. Tell us how can you make Fave better. 
    • Heck, even better if you can overwrite our CSS and change our layout on your browser and show us. Use the console, hack our layout. Embed extension to override our CSS. Do whatever it takes. Show us how good you are.