CSS Artist / UX Designer / Front-End Engineer

San Francisco

Kiddom seeks to fundamentally change how K-12 classrooms around the world use technology. Education technology is increasingly fragmented across various applications, software, and services. Faculty, students and parents and staff are used to dull, cumbersome software which encumbers the learning process as often as helps. This undermines the utility of technology for educators, leading to cognitive overload, frustration, and ultimately rejection. Kiddom is building a classroom system helping teachers integrate all content, curriculum, communication and analytics, and wants to lead the industry with spritely, performant, and inspiring design.

To tackle this challenge, we are seeking an experienced Front-end Developer / UX Designer hybrid to act as liaison between our design / product teams and members of our front-end engineering group. The ideal candidate will seek to apply knowledge of front-end development and design to craft haptic, lively interfaces, understandable workflows, and experiences that delight educators, engage students and work well on any device.

You will be the "Face" of our technology and our company on the web, and will define the feel of our apps and the connotations and trust that should develop in the minds of our users.


    • Architect, develop, and maintain our HTML/CSS/JS Style Guide and Coding Style.
    • Own the responsive and mobile-performance nature of our app.
    • Work closely with the product and design teams to bring our app's fun, tactile experience and personality to life.
    • Mentor and guide others in advanced CSS techniques.


    • Extensive knowledge of advanced CSS techniques, and CSS best practices
    • Thorough understanding of in-browser rendering
    • Well-informed of the evolution of the frontend (JS & CSS) tool-chain
    • Able to consider UI challenges from technical as well as functional perspectives 
    • (JS/CSS as well as UI/UX/Engagement and accessibility/usability)
    • 3+ years UX Design
    • 3+ years UX Engineering