Software Engineer - Frontend

San Francisco, CA /
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We’re looking for experienced web/frontend engineers who are looking to use the latest in web technology to move the company mission forward. Our initial web app was written in ReactJS and served using NextJS on Express application on AWS. Frontend engineers are expected to own the deploy process for the frontend service.

As a frontend engineer at a growing fintech startup you are going to move the needle, but it will require a split personality: Your Dr. Jekyll leans towards modular code, carefully isolated JS/SCSS, and writing integration tests to make sure nothing breaks on a deploy; your Hyde-side is one that focuses on managing a chaotic and fast-changing web landscape with multiple contributors deploying several times a day.

Our mission is to create fair, effective, and simple financial pathways to help 100M Americans reach their financial goals. Our investors include Lightspeed, Coatue and GGV. Founders are serial entrepreneurs who co-founded and served as C-suite executives at 3 FinTech unicorns.

Detailed frontend stack:
- Typescript
- ReactJS (functional)
- Framework: NextJS
- State management: Redux, Redux thunk
- Styling: SCSS modules
- Networking: Protobuf.js -> axios
- Animations: GSAP, Framer Motion, native CSS animations
- Testing: Cypress
- Bundler: Webpack
- Infrastructure: NextJS -> Express -> Elastic Beanstalk -> AWS

- B.A. / B.S. / M.S. or strong self-taught fundamentals in computer science
- Expertise in React, Typescript and NodeJS with experience deploying live code to live traffic
- A strong understanding of functional programming concepts
- 4+ years of industry experience, with demonstrated breadth and depth of product impact
- Ability to analyze data and distill information for business purposes
- Effectiveness as demonstrated by problem-solving skills in areas outside your expertise
- Desire to form strong professional bonds with startup-forward coworkers

Nice to haves:
- Experience with NextJS, Protobuf and Webpack

What we’re like:
- Scrappy. We had a product goal and put out the MVP, collecting our first users with steady growth via paid channels in four months. We don’t cut corners when we know we’ll need them but we don’t build things without that need. We don’t like inefficiency but we dislike operationalizing one-off tasks even more.
- Risk-oriented. Everything has risk, but a mature team knows how to make these tradeoffs. That’s why we built the MVP fast––because time is your most valuable asset and is practically fungible with money in the startup world.
- Data-obsessed. We all look at data and pull it, and we believe that understanding the mechanics can yield valuable insights. Complex systems require elegant, not just simple solutions. You absolutely need to be interested in data if you want to leverage your knowledge of systems.
- Lucky. That’s how we look at this journey so far. From our timing of fundraising, to the circumstances in which we came together, to the initial product traction we’re getting, there’s no other word to describe it. We are grateful you are reading this, and we know that if you’re meant to be with us on this journey, then we will see you soon.

Benefits: Company paid dental and health insurance, organic fruits and snacks, commuter benefit program, work from home flexibility, unlimited vacation

Location: Downtown San Francisco