Senior Data Engineer

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Kinsa is looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our data organization team. We ingest data from our massive network of thermometers along with an array of health data; everything from covid case counts to weather data. We transform these diverse data sets into a surveillance system for disease that helps local healthcare organizations, consumer product companies and governments deal with the challenges of modern day illness.  You will be a key contributor in designing and building our data platform that consumes, transforms and delivers Kinsa data, signals and forecasts.
About Kinsa

Founded in 2012, Kinsa’s mission is to stop the spread of infectious illness through early detection and early response.  As an Illness Insights Solutions company, Kinsa has built a comprehensive set of early warning and insights capabilities designed to provide individuals, schools, communities, businesses and public health officials with real-time knowledge of spreading illness. Aggregating illness data from traditional and state-of-the-art sources such as smart thermometers, Kinsa empowers these stakeholders to:

      Guide individuals and families to treatment and prevention early, before they enter the healthcare system
      Reduce transmission in schools and communities
      Improve supply chain management, forecast product demand and target messaging to areas of rising illness
      Detect novel outbreaks early, monitor intervention efficacy and accurately forecast seasonal flu at the local level

You’re good at:

    • Working in a highly collaborative engineering environment
    • Designing, building, and deploying efficient data pipelines and warehouses.
    • Intelligently designing and implementing data architecture for ingesting diverse sets of data.
    • End to end testing, from unit to integration
    • Meeting data privacy and data security standards.

You have:

    • 5+ years of experience in data engineering building data warehouses and data pipelines.
    • Experience with AWS (EC2, S3, EMR,Batch, RDS, Lambda, Redshift, Kinesis)
    • Successfully built large scale, data driven applications including elements like batch data aggregation & processing, data modeling, data cleaning, anomaly detection and bulk ingestion.
    • Strong software development skills at least one of the following: (Python, Java, Scala). Most of our stack is now in Python.
    • Extensive experience with SQL.   
    • Experience designing and writing robust ETL jobs and pipelines (Airflow, Luigi).
    • Bonus points if you know big data tools such as Spark, Flink, Hadoop etc.
    • Extra bonus points if you are experienced with medical/health data
About Us
At Kinsa, we are on a mission to curb the spread of infectious illness through earlier detection and earlier response. It’s a lofty goal that can only be achieved through the collective efforts of a committed and cohesive team. Our five Team Values describe the environment we cultivate and the traits we look for in our teammates:

Be an Owner 
We take ownership over the problems we work on and are focused on identifying effective solutions.

Be The Person You Want To Work With 
We are considerate and inclusive of our colleagues. We mutually set expectations and aim to exceed them. 

Prove, Then Move 
We employ small-scale testing of initiatives, using limited resources before investing more heavily. 

Be Worthy Of Our Users’ (And Colleagues’) Trust 
We listen, use good judgment, and are honest—especially when things aren’t going well. 

Be A Force Multiplier 
We make our team better through collaborative support, respectful feedback, and, if necessary, thoughtful dissent.