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Full-Time 2019-2020 School Year

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Student Performance Data & Short Response Questions

  • STUDENT PERFORMANCE DATA: Successful applicants have demonstrated their commitment to their students and can clearly communicate their results. Please upload a PDF that demonstrates your results. In your submission, please include results for at least two academic years and indicate the years. You may include up to three years of data. For years in which you held an instructional leadership position, please submit school-wide data and data from the subjects/grade levels you managed. For years in which you were a teacher, please submit data from your students. Your submission should include: 1) The name of your school and the position(s) you held 2) General demographic information about your school during the relevant years, including student enrollment and percentages of students represented in relevant sub-populations (race, gender, SPED, ELL, qualified for free or reduced-price lunch). 3) Comparative results to your local district, city, and/or state; if comparative results aren’t available, briefly explain why. 4) Include charts or graphs that demonstrate your results with clear labels.
  • In lieu of a cover letter, please respond to the two below questions. Why are you interested in school leadership? What contributions will you make to your school community?
  • In looking at the "KIPP Leading for Learning School Leader Readiness Progression Criteria", what are your reflections? Where are you ready and where will you need to grow?

  • Where are you interested in becoming a team member?

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