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Kitopi is the world’s leading tech-powered multi-brand restaurant. With a mission to satisfy the world’s appetite, Kitopi operates a portfolio of both invested and franchised F&B brands, serving as enablers in the food market by helping brands to grow and scale, both in the delivery and dine-in space.

Launched in Dubai, UAE in January 2018, Kitopi has grown to become one of the greatest success stories in the cloud kitchen and food tech space. In July 2021, Kitopi announced its $415 million Series C funding round, led by the world’s largest technology-focused investment fund, Softbank Group Corp’s Vision Fund 2. This investment catapulted Kitopi to the prestigious Unicorn status, making it the fastest Unicorn to have emerged from the MENA region.

As a leading food-tech business, Kitopi’s growth has been largely fueled by its innovative and scalable software solutions. Kitopi’s kitchens are powered by its proprietary Smart Kitchen Operating System (SKOS) - an in-house suite of applications that optimizes cloud kitchen operations in real-time. As part of its growth roadmap, technological innovation, data science,  artificial intelligence, and robotics will take center stage as Kitopi continues to reinvent the food industry as we know it today.

With over 4,000 employees, Kitopi currently operates 200+ locations across the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar, and runs its engineering hub in Krakow, Poland, its robotics hub in Denmark, and its global customer experience center in Dubai, UAE.

Together with the Product, Engineering, Data, AI, and Robotic departments, we are creating various applications starting from highly personalized selling apps (web & mobile), through the kitchen management system, customer service, delivery, control, and business applications which help us to make decisions and determine the further direction of product development and more. We currently have around 40 applications in microservice architecture and we will constantly be creating new ones.

At Kitopi, we offer a diverse suite of brands designed to cater to the unique taste preferences of our customers. A lot of art and effort goes in the careful design and curation of our brands and menus, ensuring they are appealing and enticing to our customers. As a Senior Data Analyst at Kitopi, you will play a pivotal role in leveraging data to drive strategic decision-making and deliver impactful insights.Your expertise will contribute to expanding the brand reach, optimize customer acquisition and retention, and maximize growth and engagement. Join our dynamic team and use your advanced analytical skills to shape the future of the food tech industry

What You'll Do

    • In brief:
    • Data-driven decision-making across Utilize advanced statistical analysis techniques to extract actionable insights and provide informed recommendations to stakeholders, enabling data-driven decision-making within the Brand & Growth vertical.
    • Data enrichment: Collaborate with the data team to contribute to the development and enhancement of data resources. Ensure data accuracy, completeness, and quality by implementing robust data management processes and performing data validation and cleansing. Drive initiatives to enrich existing data sources and identify new data opportunities.
    • Brand and marketing strategies: Collaborate closely with business and product partners to leverage data in the development of brand and marketing strategies. Utilize data analysis and insights to identify growth opportunities, optimize product improvements, and drive impactful marketing campaigns. Measure and analyze campaign performance, track key metrics, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance brand awareness, customer engagement, and retention.
    • In detail:
    • Act as a trusted advisor to stakeholders, providing guidance on the feasibility and potential impact of different analytical approaches. Collaborate with them to understand their needs and gather requirements. Translate these requirements into clear and concise analytical problem statements, ensuring alignment between data analysis objectives and organizational goals. 
    • Utilize critical thinking and advanced analytical skills to generate hypotheses that address the identified business problems.
    • Evaluate and select the most suitable hypotheses to focus on, considering available data, resources, and potential impact on business outcomes. 
    • Work collaboratively with business stakeholders, cross-functional teams, and fellow data professionals to gain context and understanding for effective problem-solving.
    • Engage in active discussions, gather insights from different perspectives, and leverage collective expertise to identify opportunities and develop data-driven solutions that align with the organizational objectives.
    • Collaborate with the development team, including UX/UI designers, product managers, and developers, to ensure accurate data tracking, tagging, and instrumentation. Implement data collection strategies to capture relevant user interactions and events, ensuring data integrity and quality.
    • Apply advanced statistical analysis techniques to support experimentation and derive meaningful insights from data.
    • Use data-driven methodologies to evaluate options, trade-offs, and set performance targets.
    • Apply predictive modeling and forecasting techniques to identify trends and make informed predictions for business planning and decision-making.
    • Assess the impact and value of initiatives through ROI analysis.
    • Quantify the return on investment for projects, marketing campaigns, and other initiatives, providing insights into their effectiveness and guiding future decision-making.
    • Develop frameworks and methodologies for measuring and evaluating the success of data-driven initiatives.
    • Utilize data visualization tools and techniques to effectively communicate complex findings to both technical and non-technical audiences.
    • Create visually appealing and informative dashboards to provide visibility into operational metrics and key performance indicators. 
    • Analyze complex datasets to extract actionable insights. Identify trends, patterns, and relationships within the data, providing valuable insights for business decision-making.
    • Conduct deep-dive analysis to understand customer behavior, product performance, market trends, and other relevant factors that drive business outcomes.
    • Communicate findings and recommendations in a clear and concise manner to both technical and non-technical audiences. Tailor the presentation of complex analytical concepts and results to ensure effective knowledge transfer and decision-making support.
    • Ensure all projects, data sources, dictionaries, transformation processes, analyses, and findings are clearly documented, organized, and continuously updated.
    • Contribute to the knowledge base by sharing insights, best practices, and lessons learned, fostering a culture of documentation and knowledge sharing.
    • Collaborate with the data team to develop and maintain data governance standards and data quality assurance processes.

What Are We Looking For

    • At Kitopi, we value alignment with our mission and principles. The successful candidate will share these values and work in accordance with them.
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or related field.
    • Minimum of 5 years of experience in analytics and reporting in a professional setting, preferably with a focus on growth-related analytics.
    • Strong technical skills in data analysis, statistics, data warehousing, aggregation frameworks, and database management. Proficiency in SQL, Python and FBT is essential
    • Expertise in data visualization tools such as Tableau or Power BI, with the ability to create visually compelling and informative dashboards.
    • Familiarity with key marketing concepts, enabling a comprehensive understanding of brand and marketing strategies, and the ability to apply data analysis techniques to optimize marketing initiatives.
    • Understanding of A/B testing methodologies and experimental design, with hands-on experience in designing and analyzing A/B tests to drive data-informed decision making.
    • Strong attention to detail, accuracy, and critical thinking in data analysis and reporting, ensuring the delivery of reliable and insightful findings.
    • Ability to work independently, manage time effectively, and adapt to changing priorities in a fast-paced environment. Proven experience in handling multiple projects and meeting deadlines.
    • Strong team player with excellent collaboration skills, ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams, and contribute to a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
Recruitment Process and Timeline
First, you apply and let our recruiters review your profile. After reviewing, you will receive a link to book a meeting with a recruiter at your convenience to share more about yourself and for us to get to know you better. If you have been shortlisted, you will have the opportunity to meet our hiring managers. Depending on the scope of the role and the function, you may need to attend 2-3 rounds (which might include case study, role-play, trial, or live coding - this will be communicated to you in the initial conversation). Upon successful completion, your recruiter will get in touch with you to discuss the offer. We aim to take you through this process within 2-3 weeks.

- Extensive learning opportunities - we offer many hard and soft skills training to help you improve and challenge yourself
- You'll be involved in customized workshops run by Kitopi Academy
- You’ll have a chance to work in an international, diverse, and inclusive environment
- You’ll be part of one of the most caring communities out there.
- Finding a chance to become a shareowner with our ESOP plan (T&C Applies)
- Free and unlimited access to a nutritionist because we care about you
- No Dress Code!
- Extended maternity and parental leave
- The infamous team activities and social events are bursting with fun
- Inclusive Private Health Insurance
- Up to 50% discount from Kitopi brands
- 24 working days annual leave as per the company policy

So, what does it really mean to work at Kitopi?
We are constantly striving to make Kitopi the best place to work in the world, by empowering you to be the best version of yourself every day. Our company values act as our guiding principles to help ensure that everyone feels safe, included, and like they truly belong. 

Kitopi is an equal-opportunity employer. While we currently operate in 6 countries, we are over 70 different nationalities of talented Kitopians. We celebrate our rich diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures and have a 0 tolerance policy towards racism, bigotry, and hate. Please apply if you see a position that makes your heart skip a beat and help us build a company that we're all proud to work for.

Along with offices in all the markets we operate in, we also believe in a “work from anywhere” policy - you get to choose the environment you operate in because we believe this will help you deliver work you’re proud of. 

Tech-enabled and customer-obsessed, at Kitopi, we are a team of passionate humans who are on a mission together to satisfy the world’s appetite.