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Kitopi is the world’s leading tech-powered multi-brand restaurant. With a mission to satisfy the world’s appetite, Kitopi operates a portfolio of both invested and franchised F&B brands, serving as enablers in the food market by helping brands to grow and scale, both in the delivery and dine-in space.

Launched in Dubai, UAE in January 2018, Kitopi has grown to become one of the greatest success stories in the cloud kitchen and food tech space. In July 2021, Kitopi announced its $415 million Series C funding round, led by the world’s largest technology-focused investment fund, Softbank Group Corp’s Vision Fund 2. This investment catapulted Kitopi to the prestigious Unicorn status, making it the fastest Unicorn to have emerged from the MENA region.

As a leading food-tech business, Kitopi’s growth has been largely fueled by its innovative and scalable software solutions. Kitopi’s kitchens are powered by its proprietary Smart Kitchen Operating System (SKOS) - an in-house suite of applications that optimizes cloud kitchen operations in real-time. As part of its growth roadmap, technological innovation, data science,  artificial intelligence, and robotics will take center stage as Kitopi continues to reinvent the food industry as we know it today.

With over 4,000 employees, Kitopi currently operates 200+ locations across the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar, and runs its engineering hub in Krakow, Poland, its robotics hub in Denmark, and its global customer experience center in Dubai, UAE.

Our Returnship Program is designed to provide seamless reintegration for those eager to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus. We recognize that life's journey may lead you to take a break for various reasons, whether it's to care for loved ones, start a family, pursue personal growth, or explore life's adventures. We encourage you to take the next step in your professional journey with Kitopi. Your return to the workforce is not just about joining a company; it's about becoming a vital part of a community that values your experience and contributions.

Participants in this program will embark on a transformative journey that offer the following:

    • Duration of Contract:
    • A focused 3-month Returnship in a specific role within one of our many departments.
    • Compensation:
    • This is a paid program, and participants will receive compensation in alignment with our compensation policy
    • Outcome:
    • If you successfully complete the 3-month Returnship, this leads to a full-time contract at Kitopi, complete with a standard probationary period, full pay, and benefits.
    • Support Offered:
    • Participants in the Returnship Program will receive comprehensive support and training to ensure a seamless and fulfilling experience
    • Each participant will be paired with a "Buddy" from day one, a strong support network within Kitopi.
    • Access Kitopi's new joiner onboarding, along with additional training tailored to your specific needs and goals.
    • Engage in assignments that provide a chance to make a real impact within the organization.
So, what does it really mean to work at Kitopi?

We are constantly striving to make Kitopi the best place to work, in the world by empowering you to be the best version of yourself every single day. Our Kitopi values act as our guiding principles to help ensure that everyone feels safe, included, and as they belong.

Kitopi is an equal opportunity employer. While we currently operate in 6 countries, we are over 70 different nationalities of talented Kitopians. We celebrate our rich diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures and have a 0 tolerance policy towards racism, bigotry, and hate. Please apply if you see a position that makes your heart skip a beat and help us build a company where we're all proud to work for.

Along with offices in all the markets we operate in, we also believe in a “work from anywhere” policy - you get to choose the environment you operate in because we believe that will help you deliver work you’re proud of.

Tech-enabled and customer-obsessed, at Kitopi, we are a team of passionate humans who are on a mission together to satisfy the world’s appetite.