Composite Manufacturing Technician

Mountain View, CA
Special Projects – Special Projects
In our Special Projects team, we keep a tight coupling between our composite shop, and our design team. As such, we are looking for a composite manufacturing technician who can meaningfully contribute both to volume production and prototype builds as well as suggest and implement process improvements. 

Within 3 months you will:

    • Learn our in house composite manufacturing and assembly processes for existing components
    • Become proficient in using cutting and trimming tools such as CNC machines and hand tools
    • Learn general shop practices to maintain records and to support quality processes
    • Build flight articles of some production parts

Within 6 months you will:

    • Advice on process improvements to improve on build production speed and reduce error 
    • Build flight hardware to support production schedule 
    • Build first articles 
    • Propose and implement design/manufacturing process improvements to support our prototype builds

Within 9 months you will:

    • Define build processes for composite flight hardware and vet changes to those processes, ideally produce or keep up to date associated documentation 
    • Be a critical part of the small manufacturing team building new vehicles

You must have a majority of, but not all, of the following experience and skills:

    • Experience with a detail and quality oriented hands on trade. Examples include composite lamination, fine woodworking sculpting, boatbuilding, etc.
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills 
    • An aptitude for learning hand on skills and an intuition for mechanical systems
    • Be able to stand over prolonged periods
    • Be able to lift/carry up to 50 lbs

Ideally you would also have the following:

    • A pilot’s license experience in related areas of flight, such as RC model aircraft, paragliding, hand glading, etc
    • Experience with other detail oriented hands on hobbies
    • Basic machine shop skills
    • Experience with any halfway decent mechanical CAD program, such as solidworks, NX, Catia, Inventors, Fusion, etc