Service Specialist - Office Services - IT & Operational (Berlin)

Berlin, Germany
Service Center
In the Office Services team at Klarna our mission is to create a solid, smooth and desirable work environment for Klarna’s employees in every office. Our team is global, driven, efficient and so much fun to work with! We are currently looking for a new team member to join our Berlin based team.

Success in this role means that the service at Berlin office is working smoothly every day. You create a positive vibe with your personality and make sure that your office feels like a great place to work at. 

We are looking for a specialist with IT & Operational maintenance passion.

The tasks include: 
- Administrate, install and maintain tech equipment in meeting rooms (Screens, cables and chromebox).
- Administrate, install and maintain tech equipment at workstations (Docking station, cables, screens, keyboards and mice).
- Administrate, install and maintain wallboards and mob TVs.
- Keep updated technical/IT equipment inventory of all desks/workstations and meeting rooms as well as wallboards and mob TVs  in the office.
- Owner of all streams in office. Set-up, operate and share.
- Assist coordinator with daily tasks to maintain office environment and tidiness.
- Main contact for janitor services and action tasks (i.e. handle smaller tasks and have a 3rd party on contact for bigger installations/tasks and/or when needed).

In order to succeed in this position you like to take on the initiative and you are more than happy to turn challenges into success. You embrace change, as no day is the same and that just makes the job so much more interesting!

You are at your best when given responsibility and freedom. Your administrative skills are great and you have experience in financial management. You love to create order out of chaos and it will be your solution-oriented mindset that sets you apart from other candidates.

What we expect from you:
- Experience from working within an IT service-oriented role
- Excellent communication skills and fluency in German and in English
- Good organisational and time management skills
- Proactive and can-do attitude
- Positive personality!

Berlin, Germany