Marketing Project Manager

Boston, MA
Marketing – Marketing
Full Time
Creative Project Manager 

We’re looking for a Project Manager to join our small but mighty Creative Team in Marketing. You’ll keep us organized - overseeing the project and production schedules for the innovative creative campaigns the team works on for our customers and internal clients. You’ll have an in depth understanding of the deliverables, to-do’s, dependencies, resources, and process for the team’s projects and ensure we can support our internal clients by delivering high-level creative work on-time. 

Your responsibilities include: 

Project timelines and planning. You’ll set/improve our project management process so that the team is efficient and delivering high quality work, as well as guiding projects through that process: Track timelines, tasks, and files. Managing our project management software (we currently use Basecamp).  

Production schedules and vendors. You’ll work to coordinate vendor timelines and needs with internal timelines and resources. You’ll work with our various print vendors to help with scoping and lead times.  

Creative resources planning. You’ll coordinate the Creative Team’s time and schedule, and plan resources for design, development, and copy against upcoming work. You’ll ensure the team has what they need when they start a project, schedule kickoffs and review meetings with the necessary resources, understand where the team could run into problems and blockers, and highlight areas where additional resources are needed.  

Client communication.  Coordinating with the Marketing Team as well as other cross-functional teams across the company, you’ll communicate and negotiate project schedules, timelines, budgets, deliverables, goals, and set expectations. You’ll attend planning meetings to understand upcoming needs and ensure the team has the resources to make it happen and maintain our internal client’s visibility into Creative’s current and future workload. 

Getting Started / Key Outcomes

In the first 30 days, you’ll have:

    • Familiarize yourself with the team’s current creative project management and file management processes. 
    • Have an in-depth understanding of creative’s main areas of involvement: brand, events, website/blog, etc.  
    • Met with our internal clients across the company to gain an understanding of their current and future needs.
    • Familiarize yourself with the creative team and their needs as well as our vendor and resources.

Within 90 days, you’ll have:

    • Have all incoming project moving through a consistent process.
    • Made changes to the existing process to improve efficiency and planning. 
    • Developed a process for understanding and consolidating upcoming work with clients.
    • Brought the team and clients through 2 multi-deliverable projects. 

Before you hit your first year anniversary, you’ll:

    • Revised the project planning, intake, and management process so that it maximizes the team’s efficiency and highest quality creative output while remaining flexible and low overhead.
    • All internal clients inside and outside of marketing understand - and are consistently following - the same process. They understand how to request work, what is required of them, and how to engage creative resources. 
    • Have created a system for client and upper management visibility into creative priorities. 
    • Be able to track and plan resources in advance for recurring projects and initiatives: large and small.
    • Developed strong relationships with our internal clients and act as an advocate for creative resources.
About You 
You’re a problem-solver who understands how to balance the needs and processes of a growing creative team with the needs of the business. With deep knowledge of project management methodologies, you excel at creating organization and structure in fast-paced environments with shifting priorities while maintaining team performance and assessing risk. You know what can make the team it’s most successful for the business because you’re done it before with an inhouse creative team or agency (for 5+ years). 
You’re passionate about people relationships and have stellar interpersonal and communication skills. You manage expectations, navigate deadlines and priorities, and are comfortable being assertive about limits, blockers, and goals in a way that is helpful, collaborative, and make people comfortable coming to the team to know they have a partner in getting something done. In short, you’re an advocate for great creative work and a partner for internal clients.

About Us
Klaviyo is a team of people who are crazy motivated by growth. It’s what we help our customers do: grow their ecommerce businesses by making it possible and easy for them to use their data to power better email marketing. It’s how we behave as individuals: we’re all deeply passionate about learning. It’s how we manage our business: we have thousands of paying customers, we’re profitable, and we’re growing insanely fast. And it’s what our culture is all about. Working at Klaviyo means you’ll work on things you never imagined you would; you’ll grow in ways you didn’t consider possible; and you’ll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are.