Managing Editor

Boston, MA
Marketing – Marketing
Full Time
The Managing Editor is responsible for overseeing the production and quality of content at Klaviyo and from key outside contributors. S/he will focus on making sure we’re consistently publishing exceptional content and, at the same time, help empower others to create the same engaging content.
You’ll be playing a critical role in helping to level up our content game across the company. And since the content is the cornerstone of our plan to build awareness for Klaviyo, you’ll also be playing a critical role in the growth of our business.

The successful candidate will understand how to identify and develop great content ideas; how to coach your fellow Klaviyos on what makes for exceptional content; and how to keep the content production process moving smoothly. They will also need to care passionately about developing and maintaining a unique and consistent tone.

Specific responsibilities include:

Lead the planning process. You’re responsible for figuring out the best way to brainstorm new content ideas across the company; prioritizing which ideas we pursue; instructing the team on how to best develop ideas into tangible projects; and advising on angle and format for each initiative.

Manage the editorial calendar. Make sure production runs smoothly, and the team understands what we’re working on; what stage it’s in; and what our deadlines are.

Create engaging content. You live, eat, breath and write amazing content effortlessly across the web, blogs, and email newsletters.

Set and maintain the tone and quality of content. Manage the editing process, and even more importantly - make sure you’re coaching the team on our content standards, and helping them up their game with every new piece they produce.  

A REAL content leader at Klaviyo. You know how to inspire others across the organization to get energized contributing quality content consistently and constantly.  

Monitor performance. You’ll be responsible for keeping an eye and sharing how many people are reading or watching our content; how many people are sharing it; how many people are signing up for more content; and how well we’re doing on getting e-commerce marketers who are not our current customers to find us because of our content.

Producing great content that helps teach marketers how to use their customer data to get better results.

Getting Started / Key Outcomes

In the first 30 days, you’ll have:

    • Come up to speed on our audience, market, product, and company.
    • Spoken to at least 10 prospective or current users.
    • Set a framework for planning & project management.
    • Mapped out a content creation model across Klaviyo.
    • Implemented a weekly newsletter to our customer community.

Within 90 days, you’ll have:

    • Solidified a strong network of contributors both internal and external.
    • Taken full ownership of the process for planning and producing content.
    • Helped us hit stride with a regular cadence of near-daily blog posts; monthly longer form pieces; and quarterly “evergreen” projects.

In the first year, you’ll have:

    • Helped us hit a 6x growth rates for email subscribers.
    • Directly contributed to a 3x traffic growth from content across platforms.
    • Set us up to regularly hear from e-commerce marketers about how much better they are at their jobs because of our content.
About You

You’re a rock-star writer, editor, and storyteller. You deeply enjoy coaching and mentoring people to create great content. You’re passionate about teaching, curious by nature, and energized by being part of a highly growing business. When you got to slide 16 in this presentation, you laughed out loud at the depiction of how *most* companies do content marketing, acknowledged its truth, and vowed to try and find an organization that thinks differently.

About Us

Klaviyo is a high growth Boston startup that prides itself on building a large, fast-moving, and sustainable business. Our marketing software is helping more than 10,000 innovative ecommerce brands get better at connecting with their customers.   We’re deeply passionate about learning, solving tough problems, and helping one another level up in all things. Working at Klaviyo means you’ll work on things you never imagined you would; you’ll grow in ways you didn’t consider possible; and you’ll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are. If this sounds like your ideal place to work, drop us a note!