Front-End Web Developer

Boston, MA
Marketing – Marketing
Full Time
Our small but mighty creative team in Marketing is looking for a Front-End Web Developer who wants to be bold and push boundaries. Working in partnership with designers and other development resources, you’ll take an active role in the creative process by working collaboratively - from the very beginning of projects - participating in brainstorms, wireframing, & UI discussions. You’ll be an important part of bringing beautiful and interactive web experiences  to life, including reports, ebooks, data visualizations, landing pages, and pages on the Klaviyo website and blog.


Content and Marketing Tool Development:  You’ll be part of how we bring to life data and information - through interactive ebooks, guides, data visualization, training, and reports. You’ll work closely with designers to create the best and most creative experience for users to interact with and understand data and information.

Klaviyo’s marketing web properties: Working collaboratively with the other developers on the team, you’ll work on our CMS (we currently use WordPress) to add to, refine, and enhance our custom theme so that it maintains a standard of consistency and quality but also still empowers and supports the Marketing Team to be able to make updates and edits, post, and test.

UI and interaction: You’ll push to improve user interactions and help make the site beautiful to look at and use. You’ll look for and implement improvements that enhance the functionality and ui of the main site, blog, and landing pages. When collaborating with designers, you’ll suggest ways to improve wireframes and mockups to make user interactions easier, more intuitive, and more interesting.

Testing and optimization: You’ll work with the Performance Marketing team on an ongoing basis, developing for website tests and improvements that optimize site performance.

In the first 30 days, you’ll have:

    • Understood Klaviyo product, brand and audience
    • Reviewed current site structure and have an indepth understanding our web properties and architecture.
    • Familiarized yourself with the our processes for deployment, bugs, reporting, and site management, and project management.
    • Have an in depth understanding of how our site and blog backend works and have identified areas to make updates, improvements, and changes.

Within 90 days, you’ll have:

    • Worked on optimizing and improving at least 2 content piecesAre proactively making ongoing improvements to’s user experience and functionality.
    • Reviewed, recommended, and executed at least 3 improvements to the blog ui and functionality to improve usability and experience.

Before you hit your first year anniversary, you’ll:

    • Update a web properties’ architecture and CMS templates for code architecture, CMS performance, UI performance and branding
    • Contribute to improved site UI and experience
    • Collaborate on user experience experiments to improve actions toward marketing goals
    • Designed at least 3 guides and/or reports that stand out for their interaction and ui as much as they do their content.
About You
You’re an expert in web development and “it hasn’t been done before” just means you haven’t tried to do it yet… because you’re a creative, abstract thinker who is willing to push boundaries to solve tough problems. You’re obsessive about details, but impatient about getting your work into the world. You love being part of the creative process, have a point of view and want to share it. You have a passion for user experience, internet marketing, web design; and care about how people use the things you build.

You want to empower coworkers to help themselves (we’re all pretty technical in Creative and designers code too), but you will hold them accountable to following good practices.

You’re an expert in CSS/SCSS, HTML and JavaScript, are familiar with developing for Wordpress (or another CMS), and have experience working on and maintaining a website or product. You’re comfortable on day 0 running WordPress locally, logging into a production server, and using GitHub and AWS.

About Us
Klaviyo is a high growth Boston startup that prides itself on building a large, fast-moving, and sustainable business. Our marketing software is helping more than 10,000 innovative ecommerce brands get better at connecting with their customers.   We’re deeply passionate about learning, solving tough problems, and helping one another level up in all things. Working at Klaviyo means you’ll work on things you never imagined you would; you’ll grow in ways you didn’t consider possible; and you’ll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are. If this sounds like your ideal place to work, drop us a note!