Group Product Manager

Boston, MA
Product – Product Management
Full Time
Product Management at Klaviyo:
The product team at Klaviyo is passionate about identifying, spec’ing and shipping solutions to solve customer problems.
Klaviyo is a startup located in the heart of downtown Boston. We build software that helps tens of thousands of businesses have more relevant and personal relationships with billions of consumers. We are a product driven company and over invest in making beautiful, efficient and fast workflows that help our customers accomplish what was previously unimaginable. We push each other to move out of our comfort zone, learn new technologies and work hard to ensure each day is better than the last.

What you’ll be doing:
Talking to and working with customers constantlyHiring and managing 2-5 exceptional Product ManagersContribute to strategic prioritization of what we work on, when and whyHelping to curate, set and communicate a roadmapMoving key metrics to advance our mission of helping companies growDefining and executing product development processes that lead to elegant, impactful solutions to meaningful problems

We’d love to hear from you if you:
Your favorite part of your job is working with and delighting customersYou’re impassioned by hiring, managing high potential talent and bringing exceptional product managers to Klaviyo You’ve successfully shipped multiple lage products and/or are have lead large scale, cross functional projects You’re excited to create the go-to resource or community for product managers and product organizations to learn about how to be betterYou are involved in the product community by executing events, online content, and thought leadershipYou care deeply about building quality products in an efficient manner

What Getting Started Might Look Like
First 5 weeks
You spend your time getting to know the product team and our customers. You over-index on learning the product, watching customers use it, using it yourself, talking to customers and investigating the other tools that our customers use. You’ve built your own ecommerce store, set it up with a Klaviyo account and turned a profit. By the end of this time, it’s like you’ve been working in our industry for years.

You’ll likely:
- Take a course on our product and ace the test at the end
- Spend 90% of your time working with support
- Get in the queues and answer support tickets for our customers

Next 3 weeks
Now that you are familiar with our people and our customers, you dig in hard to our workflows, processes and tools. You take your years of expertise and critically evaluate how we work, why we’ve evolved that way and what about our current set up is keeping us from our maximum impact and efficiency. By the end of this time. you make thoughtful recommendations on how the team works together and our recruiting processes.

You’ll likely:
- Learn the architectural overview of the product
- Become a go-to expert on how the product should behave
- Help see a product enhancement from spec to successful completion during a sprint
- Connect with every internal team and learn what will help them succeed

Next 4 weeks
Some of your suggestions are starting to be implemented and the teams you’re responsible for are starting to thrive. Alignment is tighter, individuals are moving more quickly and we’re releasing better quality product even faster. You’ve sunk your teeth into our planned roadmap and have helped mentor the product managers to make exceptional choices that lead to a more reliable path forward. You’ve taken ownership of the recruiting process and brought some incredible people into your pipeline. By the end of this time, the team comes to you frequently for guidance and you’ve earned the reputation of being a servant-leader who drives outcomes in a motivating and inspiring way.

You’ll likely:
- Help execute a key product improvement (identify problem, define key metrics, brainstorm ideas, test hypotheses, write spec)
- Help teams ship quality features
- Share some ideas/specs of improvements you want to make in the product

Product Areas/Teams We’re Hiring For:
Klaviyo is about helping businesses grow by building and nurturing quality relationships with millions of people. To do that, people need tools to replicate what we do on a 1:1 basis but at scale. They need to be able to learn about the interests, tastes and behaviors of their audience, analyze that information to inform a marketing strategy and use that analysis to communicate relevantly.
Learn - This group is focused on helping our customers learn about people through integrations, forms and surveys to unlock high quality analysis and personalized communication downstream.
Analyze - This group is responsible our segmentation engine, reporting capabilities, data storage, event processing pipeline, subscription management and profile data.
Communicate - Once a business has analyzed its information, it can communicate relevantly with people. This group owns our email sending pipeline, automated flows, template builder, mobile channels (Push and SMS), dynamic web

Life at Klaviyo:
Klaviyo is a team of people who are crazy motivated by growth.
It’s what we help our customers do: grow their businesses by making it possible and easy for them to use their data to power better marketing.
It’s how we behave as individuals: we’re all deeply passionate about learning.
It’s how we manage our business: we have thousands of paying customers, we’re profitable, and we’re growing insanely fast.
And it’s what our culture is all about. Working at Klaviyo means you’ll work on things you never imagined you would; you’ll grow in ways you didn’t consider possible; and you’ll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are.
Your curiosity has led you this far, so if this sounds like your ideal place to work, apply now!
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