Senior Product Designer

Vancouver, British Columbia
Product – Design /
/ Hybrid
👋 Klue Design is hiring again!

TRUE: Klue is a well-funded startup with fantastic industry-leading customers.
TRUER: Klue needs a rock solid, world-class designer for the product team.
PROBABLY TRUE: You got good UX chops.
DEFINITELY TRUE: You love crafting 🔥 pixels all day long.
WAY (WAY) TRUE: You believe software is (way) more fun as a team sport.
NOT TRUE: You only like to solve easy, simple problems.

Klue is defining the category of Competitive Enablement. A new, smarter way for B2B companies to beat the competition. But we can’t do it alone. And we definitely can't do it without Product Designers.

Kue Designers spark the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time. They are as unafraid to go deep on the aesthetics as they are on the tech.  They seek to thrive within the constraints and yet thrive when seeking the future.

And … Klue Designers love to share with others (hint hint).

About The Role

Product Designers are vital to Klue’s mission, responsible for designing and enhancing our products to meet the needs of our users. Working alongside developers, engineers, and project managers, they play a key role in delivering valuable solutions for our customers.

Klue Design — from ideation to validation to implementation:

    • Interaction Design
    • Visual Design
    • UX Design
    • Prototyping
    • User Research & User Testing
    • Copywriting

Hallmarks of great Klue Designers:

    • Collaboration
    • Communication & Articulation
    • Customer Focus
    • Efficiency
    • Decision Making
    • Planning & Organizing

Signs of successful candidates:

    • A career professional with 4+ years in the industry
    • experience w/ established SaaS (or web-based software) projects
    • working knowledge of modern software development workflows and methodologies
    • portfolio or other showcase of recent deliverables, including user-facing interfaces
    • familiarity with iterative UX Design processes, including ideation, validation and usability
    • deeply oriented around customer value
    • prototypes are a primary canvas for communicating ideas

Design @ Klue | Klue Designers — More crystal ball, less snow globe:

    • radiators of ideas
    • fierce advocates for design systems
    • relentless interest in product, tech and user behaviour
    • driven to see around the corners

Design @ Klue | Come for the mission, stay for the vibe:

    • safe, supportive design culture
    • curious, empathetic approach
    • healthy balance of data and intuition
    • passion for the details
    • ... fun, smart peeps to do good work with :)

Total compensation & benefits:

    • Time off. Take what you need. We want the team to prioritize wellness and avoid burnout. Vacation usually falls into 3 categories: recharging, life-event, & keeping a work-life balance. Just ensure the required work gets done and clear it with your team in advance. You need to take at least two weeks off every year. The average Klue team member takes 2-4 weeks of PTO per year.
    • Work-life integration: Hybrid work model, flexible working schedules, and a global team.
    • Benefits start on day one!
$120,000 - $155,000 a year
We gather compensation benchmarking data across BC and Canada Tech Industry, and use that data to build a range for our current team and future talent based on skill, capabilities and potential.
If you feel like this role is a great fit and have questions about comp, get in touch and we're happy to discuss further. There is always an ongoing conversation around compensation.
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Lastly, we take potential into consideration. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted in lieu of the specifics listed above. If you know you have what it takes, even if that’s different from what we’ve described, be sure to explain why in your application. Reach out and let’s see if there is a home here for you now or in the future.

We’ve made a commitment to support and contribute to a diverse environment; on our teams and in our community. We’re early in our journey; we've started employee led resource groups, committed to Pay Up For Progress, and use success profiles for roles instead of 'years of experience'. We continue to scale our efforts as Klue grows. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer and have dedicated that commitment to our current and future #kluecrew. During the interview process, please let us know if there is anything we need to make more accessible or accommodate to support you to be successful.

All interviews will be conducted via video calls. We work in a hybrid model of WFH (remote) and in-office. We’re excited to meet you and in the meantime, get to know us:

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