Senior R&D Engineer

San Diego, CA /
A. Koh Young America – KYRA /
You will be part of the core team of Computer Vision engineers in our new R&D center in Vancouver, Canada.  We will be developing a new Machine Vision Library in Modern C++ to be used internally in a wide range of Machine Vision sensors and products, involving 2D/3D metrology and inspection. As a Senior C++ Developer,  you will have the chance to contribute to the design and architecture of a modern library at an early stage, as well as building a high-performance infrastructure to run Computer Vision and AI algorithms.


    • Research and develop scalable computer vision and machine learning solutions to hard problem
    • Investigate and solve exciting and difficult challenges in image recognition/classification, object detection/tracking/recognition, 3D scan and deep learning
    • Design, implement, and deploy full-stack computer vision and machine learning solutions

Skills and Qualifications

    • Required: Master's degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering plus 5 or more years of relevant experience
    • Preferred: Doctorate in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering plus 3 or more years of relevant experience
    • Strong understanding of Machine learning and Computer vision algorithms and applications, such as CNN/deep learning, and their optimizations for efficient implementation on embedded systems
    • Solid foundation in computer vision; key areas of interest include object detection, tracking and recognition; multiple view geometry, 3D computer vision and SfM/SLAM; activity recognition
    • Expert in algorithm modifications and optimizations for efficient processing including fixed point conversion, exploiting parallelism, balancing data transfer and computation
    • Expert in use of Machine learning and computer vision frameworks and libraries such as Caffe, Torch, Tensorflow, OpenCV, etc
    • Strong C/C++ programming skills, preferably in an embedded environment with DSP and GPU
    • Ability to work individually or with a team of engineers to develop innovative Machine learning and computer vision applications and showcasing them on real-time platforms


    • Health/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance at no employee contribution (including dependent coverage)
    • 401K retirement plan
    • Generous PTO and paid holidays
Koh Young Technology
Koh Young Technology, founded in 2002 in Seoul, South Korea, is the world leader in 3D measurement and inspection technology used in the production of micro-electronics assemblies. Using patented 3D technology, Koh Young provides best-in-class products in Solder Paste Inspection(SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) for electronics manufacturers worldwide.
Currently, Koh Young is collaborating with top medical schools and hospitals in the US, Korea, and Japan to develop innovative neurosurgical robot systems. With the core technologies developed in-house with the innovation in accuracy, Koh Young is expected to deliver a breakthrough in the field of neurosurgical robots.
KYRA (Koh Young Research America)
KYRA, located in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA, is the research and development hub where top-class engineers and experts are gathered to achieve great innovation and technological breakthroughs. Current assignments include state of art computer vision, machine learning and deep learning problems requiring both conventional approaches and bleeding edge technologies.